Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cozy Corner

Rain. Thunder. Lightning. This is not good wedding weather, folks. Hereby, I am making a list of things that it is good weather for. Here goes!

1. Eating "savory" foods such as clam chowder, jambalaya, crawfish ettouffe or other artery-clogging, totally decadent and filled with spices and goodness.

2. Watching movies, preferably trilogies or those of the very long variety. Here's a short list (kind of a sub-list, I suppose)
-Moby Dick. The original (and best) version, with Gregory Peck. "Its a white whale, white I tell you."
-Lonesome Dove. Best if recovering from oral surgery or minor outpatient procedures. Its SIX hours LONG, people.
-Lord of the Rings trilogy. "My preciousssssss!"
-Star Wars. All six of 'em, in any order you like. I dare you - 'cause I haven't done it yet.
-Back to the Future. Just because there are three of them.
-A super-80's medly, such as: Pretty in Pink, Mannequin and, oh, The Burbs. Cheese puffs and Jolt optional, oversized bucket of popcorn mandatory.
-Serious Film/Classic, such as Streetcar Named Desire,
-Anything based on a famous artist: The Agony and the Ecstacy, Girl With a Pearl Earring, Vincent and Theo, Pollack, Frida, etc. (Suggestions Welcome, here folks!) I'm waiting for the DVD of Modigliani to come out.

-DVD of the early years of SNL.

3. Taking a walk with an umbrella and a cute cozy sweater. Splashing is non-optional.

4. Finding a new favorite napping area. Hee!

5. Finishing (or starting) that book you've been meaning to read. Some of mine: Anna Karina (again) War and Peace (I've read the first 100 pages about 10 times since I was 12, but seem not to be able to finish it.)

6. Giving yourself or someone you're close to a really thourough mani-pedicure.

7. Visit a library or art gallery.

8. Do all laundry in the house. (not gonna happen)

9. Organizing a small area that has been neglected. Hmmmm.. and I'm supposed to pick just ONE?

10. Really. Do we need to go here? I think we do. Hot chocolate. Homemade, no powder, cinnamon, whipped cream and marshmellows included.

Are you cozy yet? Purrrrrrrrrrr


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