Monday, November 28, 2005

Kitten of Dubai

I am NOT a morning person. You can call me up till about midnight or so on any given night, and I will not only pick right up, but be totally able to carry on a normal, semi-intelligent conversation. However, if you call me at 8 am, you are definitely going to get my voice mail. Someone better be bleeding, dead or in serious legal trouble. Given all this, oddly enough, I wake up at least two times per morning before actually getting up For the Day. Or, maybe I should say, I am awoken by this:

"Rrrrrwwwrooowrrr? Brrrrrrow? Merrrrroowww!" (soft breathing, tiny chirpy sounds in my ear, a few smacks of furry lips) This is followed by potential kneading of any body part I may have pointing towards the ceiling.

The sounds continue with increasing volume, frequency and intensity until I am forced to slit my bleary, blurry eyes open and say, "Fynn! Shhhhhhhhhhhh! We're trying to sleep because it is 4:45 in the morning!" and rub his little furry head in hopes that he will Go Back To Sleep. Sometimes, it works. Mostly, its followed by 10 seconds of silence and than its MRRRRRRRROWWWR!!!! WOOWWWWWWWRRROW? BRRRRROWWWRRR?" Miraculously, S is completely able to sleep through these proceedings on 9 out of 10 mornings, despite the fact that his head is equadistance (never thought I'd get to use THAT one in a real from the noise. See why we're not having kids?

Eventually, I get up, scoop him (Fynn, not S) up in my arms and stumble over my upturned heels and his special water glass next to our bed and take him to the living room. In an act of absolutely no sense whatsoever, I'm holding him in my arms, baby style, as if he wouldn't beat me to the door if I let his precious little feet down on the floor. I open the door or window a crack, and he shoots out like he's been ejected by a small cannon. The sunrise is always beautiful through my 20/100 pre-contact lens vision.

An hour or so later, I'm dreaming peacefully and all the sudden who or whatever is in the dream starts saying, "MRRRRRRRROWWWR!!!! WOOWWWWWWWRRROW? BRRRRROWWWRRR?!!!" Through the door - I've actually watched him PRESS HIS FACE AGAINST THE CRACK IN THE DOOR AND MEOW, done for maximum pitfulness. Until I wake up. Again, I manage to be the ONLY one who hears this, even though we are both asleep in the same bed. It is still To Early, so I run and open the door, grab him, check his feet for dirt and sometimes wash them in the sink and dry them on S's towel. Retreat to bed, where I'm kneaded, snuggled, laid and breathed on until the three of us are again asleep in a furry, blankety lump.

Rinse and repeat once more before I get up for tea, cereal and returning emails. All of which means that my sleep schedule is like this: 12:30-4:30, 5-6:30, 7-9. So it SOUNDS like I sleep a lot, but really what I mostly do is get in and out of bed and take a few catnaps per night.

He's not spoiled. Really.

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