Friday, December 02, 2005


Clearly, there are Issues With Corks and Curly Willow in this house. This is why we call him Small Bad.

This is his innocent face, you know, the one he wears when NOT plotting sneak attacks on our ankles from under the table. When he looks like that we call him Bug-Bart or Fynnjamin, Baby-Pea or Little Face/Head/Tummy/Bottom. Whatever really takes us at the moment. Sometime I think we should call him George.

Now, I'm off to the James Joyce for a beer with S. Yeah! Its a DATE! With a BAND!

PS. It means wine cork



goinggrey said...

Hehehe. i love the wine cork sanctuary. And kitties

Meepers said...

KITTIES! Squeeeeee! Seriously, I love this cat, its absurd how much.