Sunday, December 11, 2005

Chronicles of a Night Out

Nerd Alert: S and I went to see the Cheap Show of The Chronicles of Narnia - totally loved it - S thinks they did a few too many shots of the little girl who plays Lucy, but then again, he never read the book, either. The audience was good, even with the typical bunches of kiddies you get on a Sunday afternoon movie - there weren't many noisy/restless/talking brats, so I was completely happy as I sat and munched my artery-hardening popcorn (no butter) and mini M & M's. Mmmmmm... mini M & M's .... chocolate.... must ...not... submit... to the power of... the Chocolate!

I'm not a chocolate addict, I can quit any time I want to, really. We had a fine time last night (this was before I was felled by the Evil She and had to injest vast amounts of tea and tummy-rubs to feel half human again) as well. S being a huuuge Bauhaus/Peter Murphy/Daniel Ash/Love & Rockets fan, was south of here at Ye Olde Ventura Theatre to see Bauhaus play - he said the opening band, Black Black (Kevin the drummer from Bauhaus has two daughters, who along with another chap make up B.B) was allll right but Bauhaus ROCKED and I now have the cute undies to prove it. See how well he knows me? Other people would get someone a hat or a T-shirt... He knew right away that black drawers with the above logo on them and "B A U H A U S" across the rear are really the key to my heart.

I on the other hand, vegged until I got a call from my lovely friends Jen and Christie - that's Christie and her lovely husband, Jerm, at a party I threw for Jen before she went on her south african safari.

Thank goodness they called, or I'd have probably sat around and watched the E! True Hollywood story of the Judd sisters or CNN all night long and been so bored I looked like this when S. got home. Either that or any available furniture may have been decoupaged - trust me, its a possiblity. One time (not at band camp) I got a little crazy with a stack of National Geographics and another Ikea coffee table... let's just say that you might want to take an Imitrex before having a peep at it.

Like I said, thanks for their call - lots of Star-Cosmo goodness (regular Cosmo with champagne floater and orchid on the rim - yummy!) dancing followed. There was lots of crowing over shoes: Christie's adorable gold sandals and darling jean skirt, Jens' newfound revelry in wearing dark colors, my new leather Steve Madden boots from a THRIFT STORE - ten dollars, people! Since it is getting to be close to X-mas, there were also a few tons of snow dumped in the front of one place. One of the great things about SB is of course the great nightlife - and the interesting charachters you run into while you're down there. Case(s) in point from last night:

- A girl wading in two feet of snow, building a snowman wearing only a thin tank top, a strappy pair of heels and what appeared to be a large denim belt. Picture that, plus add to your mental picture the fact that she was BENDING OVER while building the snowman.

-The three rather, chronologically-challenged yet dapper gents that we could see watching and RATING the 21-5 year old ladies on the dance floor. Hilarious - I mean dude, if you're sporting half a head of hair and more bags under your eyes than the lost and found at LAX... maybe its time to MOVE ON TO SOMEONE WHO REMEMBERS WHEN HOWDY-DOODY WAS ON TV. Although in this case, I do have to give them props for eventually moving onto the dance floor with some enthusiasm.

-The ex-bellydancing instructor who was apparently either giving me a free lesson or trying to self-induce hip displasia, and her boss who apparently owns "like FIFTY wineries - I work at Kahn, but he owns.... like FIFTY of them." Said boss was a chunky, Q-ball bald barrel-chested guy and actually very cordial.

-The newly-arrived to SB - you can always spot them around this time of year, in their thin T-shirts and big, "I can't believe its this WARM in December" grins. This night it happened to be a Russian guy, come to SB by the way of Bahhhstan. The other way I could tell he was Not From Here: he offered to help me carry our drinks, which was quite nice, since I don't have three hands and martini glasses really can't be tucked into the crook of one's arm.

Hooray for Nights Out... and underwear. And the crazy lady who said she liked my earrings. This picture is NOT from last night.. but look how much fun we're having!


goinggrey said...

I have yet to see Bauhaus after their reunion. Or before their demise for that matter. I am sooo jelouse.I want some Bauhaus undies too!

Meepers said...

Ha! wondered where you'd gone when I didn't see a comment after mentioning the great B.... sometime email me and remind me to tell you about the time we ran into Dan Ash downtown.

the sightspeed guy said...

ha, that pink-haired chick looks like the girl in kiss kiss bang band.

goinggrey said...

Yeah, I used to drink with him at Elsies.