Friday, December 30, 2005

I Don't Know, Walkers! Do You?

For any readers who are joining the Death March 2006: Update: Weather was pouring rain, and than cleared up and was beautiful.. which means: I don't know! What movie should we see? Or... should we walk?

  • See?

  • What else should/could we do?
  • Plan B - The Movies

  • In other news: We're going to visit my family! YESSS! And (as they would say if... they could turn a computer on, find this and manage to post commments)

    "It's about frickin' time, you guys!" This was a complete shock to me, so pardon my wild jubilation. Because they are all wonderful, generous souls, we have the luxury of a)knowing we can eat my mama's home-cookin' once we get there b) two choices for accomadations, either at my parents or my sister/her boyfriends' house. Yess! Both are full of pets (cute dog or three fuzzy kitties) and that will help assuage my massive guilt trip over not bringing Fynn to visit his "cousins". Let's all pause for a me-directed eye roll, shall we?

    There, don't you feel better? Alas, it is only temporary. This is because the only way I will leave the house is to do one of two things: 1)Get him his regular sitter (friend of mine willing to sleep in our bed. This is so he won't be lonely, which causes him to eat all the covers off my paperback books, chew up new tampons and spit them all over the carpet and other Bad Kitty Behaviors.

    2) Book him a "room" at this place, which is right down the street. Watch the video for furry cute-ness.
  • Fynn's Hotel

  • We visited the other day and it is every bit as nice as they make it sound on their website. All the cats there were happy and friendly, very clean and contended looking - which is major, because....cats. You know? The good news is that it is only $13/night, which really isn't bad. Just the same, I'm leaving his "sitters" number as a back-up... and a small box of Kotex to destroy. Surely they won't mind picking tiny shreds of cotton off the floor. Right?

    So our trip will take us from home:
  • Fun Things About Home

  • to
  • Home de Ma and Papa Meepers

  • Which I'm told is "ohh... about a thousand miles, you know, offhand" Ok, folks let me just say three things:
    1) I grew up doing these epic road trips (Granparents + Oregon = 2 days of driving each way.. fun! NOT!)
    2) I will miss Fynn every second.
    3) HATE the car in/around snow, ice etc., because I am a southern california/warm weather girl.

    But family es familia... and there are beeans!

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