Sunday, January 15, 2006


Just a mass announcement to say: Chock Late will be re-joining my three (are there three of you?) faithful readers on approximately the twenty-sixth of this month.

Till then, please hope that I am not frozen solid, run over by a reindeer, frost-bitten to death by a snowman, or arrested for appearing homeless (via my stylish arrival wearing jeans, boots, three sweaters a jacket, scarf hat and glove combo that may or may not have been selected by color-blind drunken elves, topped off with my carrying a Trader Joe's fabric bag stuffed full of delicious California only goods.) in Aspen.

We may be surprised and find wireless internet somewhere, in which case I'll try to update from there. This should be fun!

I hope.


1 comment:

Chiada said...

You'll have fun. Think of how cozy & warm it will be to be all snuggled up & drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, or chai with LOTS of whipped cream! Hee! And Fynn will be just fine. :)