Sunday, March 26, 2006

Edie, part duex

Presenting... for the first time on this blog.... Edie. She's called Edie-sweetie (make it rhyme, now) Look at those eyes - this picture doesn't do justice to either the carmel-color of the outer part, or the inner blue-green ring. But it does do a good job of demonstrating the mischief that lies in them, wouldn't you agree?

Edie-girl, in a rare reflective moment - and by 'rare', I mean "Only during daylight hours, or between noon and seven pm" - the rest of the time she's either sleeping in the closet or play-fighting with Fynn. We call her "Little Miss Pretty" and I swear, I've never seen a cat so interested in the contents of my closet, makeup bag or lingerie drawers. I fully expecting to come home and find her wearing my heels, with a scarf draped over her, doused in perfume, with "Fever" on the iPod.

Of course, when that day comes, she'll look at me like this and say, "What?"

The dots, for your observation. S. kept saying she has "Hitler hair" since the two gray patches are parted right down the middle (and she has an unfortunate small dark patch right under her chin). She follows a rigorous workout schedule, and I've been ordered to get her this chair.

In short: She's a keeper.


amaruq said...

I didn't quite understand.

Chiada said...

Hubs has been dying to see pics of your lil' Sweetie. She is so adorable! I just want to...pretend I don't have cat allergies and cuddle her up & squeeze her. How much fun you parents must be having. There's no turning back now. Now you'll never know which one of them "did it", since they'll now blame eachother. ;) Can't wait to meet her. Only a couple weeks left until April 21!

the sightspeed guy said...

alas, cats make my eyes itch. plus there's so few that are actually cuddleable. most are content to diss you and leave hair on your clothes. i say, if you want that, get a turtle and hang out at the barber shop.

Meepers said...

Ahhh... but you've not met my boy Fynn - he's a snuggler of the first class. Edie's still learning to snuggle, but at night she goes all soft and warm and starts 'nursing' on S. sheet or pillowcase.

I only pick sweet, lovey kitties. Darnit! You make my third good friend with cat allergies - our house is going to require a "Beware all Ye Who Enter Here with Allergies" sign soon.

Lynn said...

Oh, how I love her spots!

Claire said...

Oh, what a cute little thing. Adorable!