Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Music to my ears

"Dear Prudence,
Won't you come out to play? The sun is out, the sky is blue, its beautiful,
and so are you.." So go the words of a wonderful song that I've always loved, in fact S. was just playing it on his new seven-string guitar. The wonderful thing about being married/involved with a musician of any kind: The music. If I awake one day and suddenly MUST hear a bootlegged version of the Jesus & Mary Chain's "Just Like Honey", I know just the guy who has is it on hand for my Listening Pleasure. Do we need to own six copies of Echo & the Bunnymen's "Ocean Rain" (in this house referred to as, 'the best album .. ever" by some), so as to have the live versions, the older version, the studio version, and the twentieth-anniversary edition, plus the 'regular' one? I don't know...but we do.

My house is really more of a glorified music supply area, dedicated to the making of, listening to, revising and study of ROCK n' ROLL. Were someone to break in (heaven forbid!) with evil intent, they could actually be killed in an avalanche of CD's that live in S' "office". Now that would be a story for the masses, wouldn't it? "Intruder Killed in Freak Home Electronics Accident".

Hold on, I have to say something: Orville Redenbachers' Mini-Bags? 100% perfect.
Ok, we're back to the regularly scheduled programming.

In my exhaustive (ha!) studies, I've discovered there are a few types of musician:

a) The Brooding, troubled Musician. While great to have around if you happen to live in a dank, smoky bar that smells of disenfectant and despair, this type tends not to do so well in social situations. Situations such as work, making New Friends, going on a regular date without drama, and cheering you up when you're having a bad day. Females of the species may eschew regular deodarant/showering,
apply eyeliner by the pound and apply copius "rriot grrl"-type bumper stickers to any vehicle they may own. Fantastic if you need to know names and artists on obscure record labels and hold long conversations on the merits of say, The Smiths vs. The Cure, or the merits of Charles Mingus' "Goodbye, Pork Pie Hat" as appropriate background music for occasions ranging from funerals to cocktails with friends.

b) The Jam-Star. This one totes an instrument around with them most times, and is willing to pick up and play anywhere, any time. The Golden Retriver of musicians - s/he may not be the brightest of the bunch, but is always eager to please. Knows a little Bob Marley, some Eagles, a few riffs of Metallica, a smattering of Jack Johnson and a dozen or so semi-obscure songs/artists, but is totally willing to stretch this knowledge out for...hourrrs. Perfect for beach days, barbeques and the like - but if you give 'em an open mike or an audience, you're responsible. All effects are severely hightened by alcohol.

c) The Serious Musician. This is their career, man, its serious business. So what if they are in their eighth year as a waitress/coffee server/bartender - they're just waiting for their big break. Did you get the last demo CD? Have you seen the new flier for the next show?
Are you coming, and bringing friends? May or may not accept critiques with sufficient dispassion to make needed changes. American Idol is for posers! (well, I do agree with that part) Popular singers, songwriters and musicians are often critiqued for thier various flaws, such as selling out or bad collaborations.

d) Truly, Madly, Deeply Talented. Real genius meets real life. For the most part, disaster ensues, unless they are somehow sheltered by fortunate circumstances. Shaving and rational thought completely optional. Think Vincent Van Gogh..... without his brother, Theo.

One of the many things I love about S. is the fact that he is simutaneously all and none of these choices. He might spend a few hours a night practicing, but rarely broods. He refers to music as his "surfing", meaning that it is his hobby, his entertainment, his escape; but doesn't use it to escape from life's responsibilities. When I see how much fun he has, just sitting around in his boxers and playing guitar, it makes me wish I had talent of any kind. Lately he's been taking some lessons and I've really noticed the difference.

Plus, there's nothing better than being one of the girls "with the band" - call me a shameless groupie if you will, its all music to my ears.


Chiada said...

Dude, I totally envy you. I have, what, three? guitars suiting around my house, yet they seldom get played, and when they do, it's by me in an effort to pick out classical stuff. I don't know, I haven't practised strumming enough to get into the whole beach/camping player role. We love being entertained by S.'s talents, and love it when you guys visit us & pick up our guitars to entertain us at our own house! What else could a hostess ask for?

Meepers said...

Possibly a house where the OTHER occupant doesn't play 3 am soccer with his wine corks or try to jump on your head. Or one with actual FOOD in the house. heh!