Thursday, March 02, 2006

One More Thing...

I can tell that I'm under the weather today - two entries in a day! Here's what went down: after injesting the most wee, tiny portion of some of the Magic Vitamins from my sister, I started getting a sore throat. Not a joke - I took a dropperful of this stuff and POW! Within the HOUR, my throat felt like it had been gone over with 50-grit sandpaper. Vitamins aren't for everyone, I'm just sayin'. Sorry Roni - you know S. will take them with relish.

Remember the paperwhite from yesterday? This one?

Here it is today:
I know, I know - really, I should stick to cat pictures. Well, since you asked, here is a typical "Go Walkies?" session with Fynn.

Exhibit One: This is preceeded by lots of "Mrrrrowwr? Prrrowwwrrrrr? Wwwwaaooowrr!" until I relent and grab his harness and leash. Can't you just hear him saying, "Come ON! I wanna go OUT! Now! Now!"

Exhibit Two:

Once we get outside, its time for a vigourous session of "Roll Around on the Concrete", which necessitates stiff brushing and sometimes a washcloth bath.

Two minutes after the cursory grass-eating, sniffing and puffing of The Tail if any other felines are around. Been there, done that, sniffed its butt. I want to sit on your lap!

And we're back to, "Hurry Up! Let's Go! Lost might be on!"

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