Monday, March 06, 2006

Required 78th Annual Academy Award Post

Yep, I watched 'em. Yep, I'm sure that someone, anyone else will have better, more insightful, in-depth commentary about it. The good news: I got to go across the street to my friend Janelle's house and join in our annual Oscar watching party this evening. This is great news for three reasons:
(she's the gorgeous blonde on the far left, by the way)
1) I got to go to her house instead of watching with just S. and Fynn, neither of whom give a rats' behind about who Won What Award Now
2) Her house: clean, not under construction. Mine: Not
3) Friends who brought drinks and appetizers. yeah!
3b) Jon Stewart: My 'date' for the evening*, also: hilarious, adorable, and dark-hair/light eyes (my favorite combo EV-VER!)
*everyone at the party got to pick a 'date'. I love the Daily Show (and have a small crush on the Colbert Report) so, so SO! much!

My observations, post-grapefruit margarita:

1. What the HELL was that THING on Charlize Therons' shoulder?
2. I love, love, LOVED how demure (read: no visible va-jay-jays, I'm looking at YOU, Zhang Zihi!) the dresses were, by and large
3. Hard to Be a PIMP!?!! Come on, naw! Simma dawn! Simma dawn-naw!

More importantly (ok, to me)

Up a Creek is a funny, funny movie.
My cat has 'bad manners" - and I am pretty much OK with that.
I just invented a new margarita (new to me, any rate)

The Grapefruit - Garita:

I squeeze (squoze? juiced?) four grapefruits first.
-Triple Sec
-Lime juice and margarita mixer

Mix equal parts of each of these in a glass. Stir. Enjoy.
Jon Stewart stirrer optional.


Chiada said...

Dude, this background is crrrrrrrAZY!!!! But I absolutely LOVE it! No wonder I was having problems trying to view it before. It make have like 10 gajillion megabites of information to load up... (mumbles about slow dial up at home) Anyways, it's GOH-jus, just like it's maker, of course. <3 ya

Chiada said...

Ack, I mean it "must" have like... not "it Make have like..." Whatever. Stupid fingers.

Meepers said...

Ha! You know whats funny? this is totally NOT at all the background I had up. That one was all subtle chocolate brown and pale robins' egg blue.. this.. just temporary. Heh!

the sightspeed guy said...

didn't see the oscars, alas. tho jon stewart is indeed a choice fellow to MC the awards, I was at the in-laws and then went to see matt pond pa. i did see the outfits tho, and it really makes me sad that such a georgeous hottie like charlize theron - who NEVER looks bad - chose such a strange dress. hideous, no, but just strangely...sculptural.

Meepers said...

Honestly? Aside from J.S., ya didn't miss much....I mean, "Its Hard to Be a Pimp?" c'mon!