Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cracked Up

I may have spoke just a moment too soon about the wonder of "item #6 bit. As if turns out, that first feeling of tightness after my peel has now been replaced with this feeling that if I open my mouth, my entire face will flake off. With the exception of a single pinky-brown evening in Australia one time, I've never really had a sunburn (thanks, Mom!) but I'm imagining this feeling is pretty much like this.

You may have noticed a sudden drop in my photo postings - I was all set to do another photo-essay when I noticed that I could not find my dear, darling little Ruby (yes, the camera is called Ruby). Anywhere. I've spent the better part of today ripping my closets, garage, other closets, truck, etc to bits. All I have to show for this is an incredible amount of crap all over the place and the beginnings of an anxiety attack. Ruby was brand-flippin'-new, S. bought her for us, for my work, for everything. The memory card was in her, so all the pictures are missing with her. This is not the end of the world, but I am seriously BUMMED!



Lynn said...

I never thought to name my camera, but I will now. I shall call it Bob.

Chiada said...

This reminds me of all the times you lost your cell phone.

Meepers said...

Yeah, I know....that "black cloud" is still hoverin' mighty close to my head. #$(#$@@@@!!!!

Lynn - Bob is a nice, solid name for a camera. Short for Robert?

Anonymous said...
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