Monday, April 24, 2006

Quick Note

I was checking something today on another computer and noticed, "Hmmmm, this place doesn't look nearly as crisp and snazzy on a PC as it does on a Mac...huh? What's that? Where the heck did my background go? Why are the letters all weird?," et cetera.

So as you may have noticed... I'm paring down here so that you with dial-up (cough, you know who you are) don't have to wait for this page to load for daaaays at a time. My html skills being negligible as they are, I'm just going to try this whole minimalist bit and cobble on bits n' peices from there.

In other news... can anyone give me any help with getting rid of these bloody, cursed spammers? Arrrrgh!

Other changes: You may have noticed the plethora of new links over yonder - I really love this town, so I thought, what better way to share it with y'all than a bunch of helpful links? Feedback? Additions? Suggestions? Thoughts?


Chiada said...

Your background images always show up on my PC at work. As for my dial up at home, *cough cough*, I am often spared having to wait for the images to download, which actually do show up, due to the fac that I have to share the Internet with somebody. Unequally shared, that is. So, no worries!

Meepers said...

Haa! So.. how was it? I know I'm going to see you guys TOMORROW...but I still wanna know all about it!. Lurve!

the sightspeed guy said...

No suggestions...but boy howdy does it load fast! Plus the text is easier to read without the flowers. But it doesn't smell as nice anymore.

Meepers said...

Good - well I'm still playing around - I'm betting the text doesn't show up as Papyrus, right?

Chiada said...

It does on my work PC.