Friday, June 30, 2006

Quickie... Now With Updates

  • Check This Out

  • Again a big thanks to Pete over at SightSpeed for setting my new video blog-capable SightSpeed Account up for me - I am without doubt the least tech-savvy Mac addict in the world. I'll be posting a video as soon as someone... (cough) stops hovering over my shoulder like a fart in a trance.

    Poll Number One: What color(s) do you think I should do my hair on Monday?

    Poll Number Two: What could/should I do with thirty seconds of video? Please - G or PG rated suggestions, ok? I have family that reads this blog.

    See you later!


    Chiada said...

    I think you should do your hair with a lot of blonde highlights - either chunky or medium, but not fine. Do something that people will actually notice. ;P Oh, and remember, I did notice when you dyed it black. And I never got to see it when it was red.

    Video: How about a video of your kids tearing apart a tampon or playing in the wine corks?

    Meepers said...

    I'd love to get that - but this is actually done not with the video camera, but me sitting in front of the computer - the camera is IN the computer. Crazy, no?

    Pony said...

    Ahhahahaha! The tampon thing would be hilarious!! (Does your digital camera record short videos? Or your cell phone? You might try to do it that way...) If not, you should put the computer on the floor (possible?) and record you talking to the Kids!!! I want to hear Edie's voice since I've never met her "in person"... or you could do something silly like a hand puppet's comments on, oh say, Brittney Spear's horrible clothes. I dunno. For your hair- I think you should do chestnut (coppery-brown) and also a more intense reddish highlights, alternating! That would be SO sexy on you :)

    Meepers said...

    Hair: Done! Coppery Red and dark blonde. I quite like it, so does Scott.

    Chiada said...

    OOoooooooooo!! You MUST post pictures!!!

    the sightspeed guy said...

    ummmmm....the video doesn't that on purpose?

    angela just did her hair black and it looks awesome. but in a sunny clime i might say chestnut streaks, and burgandy streaks underneath.