Thursday, July 06, 2006


Seriously, you guys? I think we have a drinking problem. No, not that kind. We just got back from Trader Joe's and out of eighteen items, eight of them were some kind of beverege, plus I got the new assam tea. This means that technically half the items purchased before Scott remembered he needed twelve 1.5 liter bottles of regular water .... were liquid.

My fridge now contains the following, plus a few cheeses, tortillas, salad, eggs (I hate eggs, yet we have them...why?) and a million condiments. Note that this is AFTER we went shopping.

  1. Two bottles San Pellegrino mineral water
  2. Tonic water
  3. Smart water
  4. Plain purified water, chilled (are we sensing a theme here?)
  5. Grapefruit juice, dubious freshness
  6. Cranberry juice concentrate, about a half inch, needs to go.
  7. Mixed berry smoothie.
  8. Champagne, two kinds (Mt. Chevallier Brut Cava, Blasons de Bourgandie, Cremant Brut - in case you were wondering....don't rush out and buy them or anything.)
  9. Milk
  10. TJ's iced tea/lemonade mixture
  11. TJ's lemonade
  12. TJ's green tea
  13. Chin Chin Grass Jelly weird canned Asian (Chinese?) iced tea
  14. Tolosa Rose of Syrah that I didn't like last night, starting to sound appetizing about now.
  15. Vodka is in the freezer, where proper vodka should be kept at all times.
Ok...what is with that? I should have stocked up on toilet paper, because with all these fluids there could be problems.

On the plus side, I can now make Blondies*, Rob Roy Rollers**, or my favorite, the Yellow Red, also called "Lemon Ruskies" by our Australian friends*** and of course a mean Vodka Tonic.

*Vodka, lemonade and champagne
**Rob Roy (iced tea/lemonade) and vodka


LindsayJustine said...

dude. TJ's is awesome for beverages, and its like right there when you first walk fridge is about the same...random condiments, salad, i finally threw away the in the freezer. it has its own shelf on the door :)

in regards to throwing away your money on plain bottled water, i have something you should really watch...ever heard of Penn & Teller? its way funny. come over to the purple palace :) and check it oot. yea, a canadian.

c ya!

Lynn said...

I LOVE beverages. I frequently have two or three different kinds during meals, so I think I understand your urge to buy so many. I do pee a lot, though. In fact, I have to pee right now. And I am also thirsty. Hmmm. Which one to do first?

Meepers said...

Pee first, unless you don't have to go that bad... in which case, drink first.

the sightspeed guy said...

we went rafting this past july 4 and i got to know the strangeness of diet sparks.


Fizzle said...

...and I just come home with tons of bottles of wine and frozen food.

Love all your self-portraits, lady!