Saturday, August 19, 2006


I just realized that I have ten, well, nine, counting this entry...more entries to go until I hit 200. I'd really like to make them meaningful, or at least interesting and witty - so I'm trying to choose some really great topics. Heaven forbid I peak too soon what with the cat and falling-out-of-the-car stories, right?

As it happens, I'm also in the midst of some fairly involved events, ('tis the season, you know) which are conspiring to suck a lot of the creative energy right out of me. Being self-employed is funny that way, I find - I work a lot harder and for longer hours for myself and my clients than I did for any of my former employers. Note to former employers (and ye who read at The Office, especially): I'm not saying that I didn't put my full efforts into all the jobs I ever did, no not at all. What I find is this: When you add passion and intense creative deadlines to a job, the results are always going to be better than just plain old hard work.

I'm also having a few technical issues (Blogger? Firefox? Safari? WTH, man?) of late - I find that I can't see comments in Safari, I can't see my new posts in Firefox, and I have no idea why. To this order, I'm stealing a page out of Molly's (Molly from Les Cadeaux) book and posting questions for you. Fire away in comments, ok?

-What age did you most love/hate, and why?
-Did you have a good time in high school?
-What was your first job?
-What has been (or is) your favorite job?
-Why did you start blogging, and what could (potentially) cause you to quit? (No fair using the word "dooced")
-What should I change about this blog (please keep in mind I'm sooooo not HTML savvy)
-How do you like your marshmellows cooked?

Here are my answers:

-I really loved being 17-19 - I was out of school, working enough to (almost) stay out of trouble, but still had plenty of time for fun, and weighed somewhere in the neighborhood of 115 pounds. I hated ages 12 and 23, for very different reasons - 12 because I was perpetually grounded, in a school system that did NOT work for me, and had a fairly humiliating wardrobe...but seriously, who loooved Jr. High, huh?

-Had a lovely time, for the most part, in high school. I wouldn't say I 'maximized my educational potential', but I got on well with almost everyone, made some great friends, and figured out very early that high school was... just high school, and I should hurry up and do something interesting already.

-First job (that I had to go to more than twice a week): Office help and shop assistant at an opticians' office. I loved my boss and the lady that worked for him, and would have stayed longer but for his overly charitable habits. The man gives away almost everything, is generous to a fault - he doesn't even own a car and he actually lived in the back of the shop. I hope someday some of the many kids he's fostered comes round with a million (or two, or three) dollars and plunks it down in front of him. He'd probably donate it and go right on with what he's doing.

-Favorite job: Mine! Least favorite boss: Me (slave-driving perfectionist)

-I started blogging for two reasons: It seemed like a good idea at the time, and I wanted a way to keep in touch with my family - a laughable reason when you consider many of them can barely turn a computer on. I think I'd quit if I lost a reason to write, or it stopped being fun.

-Can't answer this one, sure you can.

-Love marshmellows dark golden brown, pull off 'skin', cook slimy outer layer, repeat until down to sticky nub. With chocolate and grahams over a bonfire, please.


chiefbiscuit said...

I'll get back to you on the questions - great questions - I just wanted to say i have been having probs too with Safari and Firefox - not seeing my posts with Firefox, but seeing them with Safari plus and some hiccups with comments as well. I wonder what that's all about? I also have to sign in now (twice) every time I go away and come back from my page. It's all happened since I switched to Beta blogger. Ha! Beta? Not so far ...

the sightspeed guy said...

um, sometimes i can't see your posts for days. so whatever news i get, is late already.


Meepers said...

Ok, its NOT just me...I sometimes can't see my own posts for days either, and I keep having to switch back and forth between Safari/Firefox in order to see them. Grrrrrr!

Time to look into TypePad?

desiree said...

What is this safari/firefox nonsense? I can hardly edit my damn side bar though so maybe I don't want to know.

Meepers said...

Des: Safari vs. Firefox - they're internet browsers (like Internet Explorer, etc) and lately they've been acting up for some reason. Things can look slightly different depending on which one you use to get online.

desiree said...

Okay, odd. I just ask this question today, surf on over to another blog, and viola! It is a mess because "firefox" is apparently having a nervous breakdown of some kind. I'm using explorer to get online so why is firefox being all bitchy? I will never understand this internet stuff, I swear. Thank you for the answer.

desiree said...

Okay, I will attempt to answer your list.

What age did you most love/hate, and why? 19 was good. Got to travel. Skinny. Wasn't sick yet. Family was okay. Most other ages sucked.

-Did you have a good time in high school? Well, I'm glad I went. And there were some good times. It made me who I am today.
-What was your first job? Barista at a small start up coffee shop the summer between fresh and soph year in hs.

-What has been (or is) your favorite job? I loved being a mental health technician. Dangerous job, little pay, but I loved it.

-Why did you start blogging, and what could (potentially) cause you to quit? (No fair using the word "dooced") Erm, I started blogging to try to challenge myself to write quality content on a regular basis. Hasn't happened...yet. If I can't use the word dooced I don't even want to try.

-What should I change about this blog (please keep in mind I'm sooooo not HTML savvy) Nothing. It is puuuurty.

-How do you like your marshmellows cooked? Black. Crispy. No graham crackers of chocolate, just the marshmellow.

Ta da! Now I feel too wiped out to even go an blog on my own site.

Anonymous said...

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