Thursday, September 14, 2006

Facts or Fictions?

Ok, I hereby challenge you: Which of this list is true, and which are complete figments of my imagination? Please note this video was also done in one take, pardon me. No tiempo- forgive me, please. Of course, don't worry, somewhere around mid-November I'll probably be posting twice a day and driving y'all crazy.

Now speaking of later on this year - here are things that will be happening at that time:

a) I turn twenty-seven at the end of November. Twenty-SEVEN years old. I'm wondering if my Official Grownup, I mean, Adult, certificate will be coming in the mail. Judging from that video, probably not, which is fine by me. What is not fine with me is the fact that November is always, without doubt, by far the least attractive of all the pages of the calendar. Trust me on this one.

b) Our Annual Beachfront Death March. Technically, that's the first of next year, but let's not split hairs, ok? Ladies and gentlemen, start your fall training. Real life people: The Annual Big Email will be out before too long, please forward it to anyone you think would be up for the challenge. Please note that dogs are welcome, but cannot ride the bus so you'll need to arrange for alternate transport from Carpinteria back to S.B.

c) I will be shaking my fist at the heavens, as I do every year, because I hate cold weather. Not so much an event as something I can anticipate (and also not control). Once upon a time, I hated September (back to school) - now I just dread The Holiday season, the frenzy, the enforced cheer, the long lines. Call me Scrooge...and that's a fact.


Chiada said...

Hmmm.. I don't know if you meant to do this or not, but your link on "Imagination" goes to a blog (Alfredsmom). The way I read the first sentence of your blog, I was expecting the link to go to a video. Where is the video?

Meepers said...

Ok..NOW look. Thanks!

Chiada said...

I guess I'd have to say that the story about the crystal meth chick is the true one.

the sightspeed guy said...

man. so many. how 'bout, which one was NOT true?

i'll go with the rat screaming story. happened to me once.


desiree said...

Whate is a death beach march? Cannot watch video, am at work, but I will try later.

Meepers said...

Ha. Actually, they are ALL true. Strange/disgusting/disconcerting/wonderful, but true.

Des: Beach march is this: We walk like ten miles on the beach from here to here (Santa Barbara to Carpinteria). This is only possible around that time of year, what with negative tides and all that. We stop for lunch about halfway. The walk goes past some of the most beeeyouuutiful homes and on beaches that you don't see the rest of the year.

Than we take the bus home and usually get pizza or bbq (no guilt about eating anything after that walk, lemme tell you) or whatever afterwards. Usually the weather is really nice, too - fingers crossed for 1/1/07. My parents made it up, but we used to do it in reverse. Cheap fun is often the best kind.

PS. For some reason, Scott dubbed it the "Death March". He even made a t-shirt. I can't imagine why. (evil laughter)

Meepers said...

Actually, Des, just read this:

Girl con Queso said...

Does it get cold in Santa Barbara?

Meepers said...

Occasionally. Mostly in Feb. and March. By "cold" I mean, "sometimes upper 50's/low 60's in the daytime", not "your snot will freeze".

Spoiled we are? Yessir.