Sunday, October 08, 2006

Glam Squad

Wanna see something funny? Or possibly....really sad? I'd like to blame this video report on bubbly, but sadly that cannot be done. Watch here for the Glam Squad Report that is my life. I mean, job. Embarassing but oh-so-true. Well, its 4:25 a.m. and I have a seven o'clock meeting tomorrow (p.m. not a.m. come on now, I'm not that crazy!)

PS. Please be nice to your waitstaff. They could put bodily fluids in your food. I'm just sayin'.


the sightspeed guy said...

yowza. suddenly i love my job even more.


Chiada said...

It boggles my mind that so many people are that rude to ask such personal questions. And I can't believe how often you get that question! It must have something to do with the line of work you're in: it's ingrained in people that following a marriage, expect a baby. Yikes. Nope, no can do. Just tell everybody direct that question to S and make him deal with it. :D

Meepers said...

I dunno, Chiada, I'm starting to think that they (esp. recently) just take one look at my unfortunate brood-mare hips and think, "hmmm....there's GOT to be some use for those other than making her @ss look square!" Also ... why do they ask OVER and OVER? Driving me up the bloody wall. Was about to say something quite rude on Saturday, but bit my toungue and excused myself. Might not be so lucky next time.

Unfortunately, your (good) suggestion Is rather hard to do when I'm a) working b) sans Scott.

PS. Glad to see you are in the iPod land now.