Friday, October 20, 2006

Not MyThing

Some days I feel a bit ludicrous with the whole "blawwwwg" thing - really, the world is hardly in need of my little world-view, there are far worse things in life than living in Santa Barbara and being constantly harassed to procreate.

Like MySpace, for instance. I just spent, no, hour and a half of my life browsing, mostly amongst my high school and Scotts' graduating class. Side note: The Pacific Grove class of 1986, apparently, was a bunch of people who were so disdainful of each other that they can't even muster enough spite to have a class reunion (read: Drink to much and compare how much money they make.)

Which bums me out, because I was really hoping to get my arms really ripped, make Scott buy me a cute new dress and a spray-on tan and go as his trophy wife. You don't know if I'm kidding, do you? Hint: Not really. I've been secretly dreaming about this since we got married. Which I suppose makes me eeee-vile, but I just thought it would be fun to cruise into some reception hall somewhere, grab a drink and talk to people who knew my husband when his hair was four inches tall and wore Creepers.

Of course, I can always look at pictures, ask his sister or some of our friends, but the past six years haven't yielded the sort of stories I'm looking for. If one were to talk to my friends from days gone by, there would be lots of tales to tell. You know, the usual things like skinny-dipping, massive mudfights, what the phrase 'walk the dog' is key for (not that, you dirty bird!), why I still dissolve into laughter at the phrase, "ChaaAAcKolate!"*, how to disgust me with simple household words, how badly I was dressed in the 80's, and the time I laughed so hard that I commented, "You could say my grandmother just died, and I'd still laugh...haaaa!" Note here: She didn't, in fact, pass for another twenty years or so, and the humour value of that night remains.
*Another reason for the name of this blog. You know who you are.

MySpace, though... I think I just don't get it as a "networking" tool - there were very limited choices for profession, the settings are waaay to numerous and complicated, and last of all, I'm not 17. Nor do I wish I was, and being married and naturally, not looking to meet anyone, it doesn't really seem like somewhere I'll be spending any amount of time. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but I already have enough things to waste my time on.

Like Grey's Anatomy. Mmmmmm...McDreaaammmy....McSteaammmmy.... Or Lost...Daniel Dae's Kim('s excellent cheekbones). Plus I hear Ugly Betty is hella funny. And I need to work on my new wedding - yes, there is always another one in the works - if this one works out, I can officially say I've done a rock star's house - never a bad thing, huh?


chiefbiscuit said...

there are far worse things in life than living in Santa Barbara and being constantly harassed to procreate.
Now THAT is priceless my dear - oh how you make me laugh - why o why aren't you famous??

Meepers said...

Because....I'm not quite cold-hearted enough. Or else, I'm not quite willing to pimp myself out to to Adsense. Not sure, really.

Am going to check that email asap (not my bus. email, so doesn't get checked daily) for tips on NZ. Really would love to get down there- do you advise sailing lessons beforehand? I'd love to take some.


The Barren One (ha ha)

chiefbiscuit said...

Sailing lessons wouldn't necessarily be a prerequisite, unless you are intending to sail around our coast line? I recommend listening to SplitEnz 'Six Months On A Leaky Boat' first tho'!! :)

chiefbiscuit said...
for the lyrics ...