Monday, October 16, 2006

Thank You, Everyone

Oh, you thought I'd gone? No, I've just been so very, very busy with my most recent wedding. It was beautiful, thanks for asking. The bride, groom and their son were glowing, grinning and looking cherubic, respectively. The rehearsal went smoothly, if not precisely on time, and the dinner went well. Their guests and family were lovely people, inside and out. Plus...we got so very lucky with the weather - there was a 70 percent chance of rain on Saturday. Guess what? We had a beach ceremony, followed by a rooftop reception (read: Meaning that rain would completely, absolutely ruin the day, contingency plan notwithstanding) Guess what? There wasn't a cloud in the sky. Yessssss! Watch me do the happy dance!

Actually, think of the guests doing the happy dance, since Scott DJ'd the heck out of the reception.

Sunday we'd planned a champagne brunch for most of the guests, to be held at the zoo. I do weddings and receptions at the zoo all the time, it is one of my favorite places to work and does not smell of elephant poo, thankyouverymuch. Again I did the "pleasedon'train, pleasedon'train, pleasedon'train," dance, and it worked. Scott did the music for them, and I decorated. By three we were done with brunch (Brunch! BRUNCH... as in "breakfast + lunch") and headed home to catch up on our much-needed rest. We passed out in a happy heap, surrounded by snoring cats and visions of smiling faces. Later on, we ended up at The Palace, stuffed with Crawfish Pasta Lafitte and rosemary muffins, happily tired and 'reviewing' each other and all the other vendors.

You'd think I'd be glad for a day or so of rest after that, wouldn't you? I got a call this afternoon about another wedding in November. I'm sooo fired up. This is a sickness, I tell you, a sickness.

I am not a workaholic. I am not a workaholic. I swear.


Chiada said...

You are so fortunate to be have a job where you can use your creative juices and be artsy and have fun and make people happy, all at the same time.

Meepers said...

Yes, yes I am. But it ain't all smiles and sweetpeas, do remember. Plus there's always that scary Dec-March slump, than taxes. But I'm NOT complaining.

Pony said...

I wish I was there to do flowers with you again... 'member those times I helped you? (and then literally couldn't open my 1,000 lb. eyelids in the morning, since we stayed up until 5:00am finishing and prepping for the big day... remember, remember?) And yes, I know you don't do flowers anymore! But it was fun, wasn't it?

Meepers said...

I did do flowers for Ben and Lindsay (beach wedding in the sidebar) - but yes, NO MORE FLOWERS! It was fun, though - believe me, I could easily put you to work - ask Christie!