Thursday, November 09, 2006

Love Thursday - Love is in the Air

Well after yesterdays' rant....I thought I'd better follow up with something nice. Hmmmmm... here it is - something pink, according the reviews, a "soft, fruity floral that sparkles with notes of mandarin, blackcurrant, violet, and blackberry, smoothed with jasmine, heliotrope, and cedarwood. Playful, yet elegant." YeeeeAAAh... I got the violet, jasmine and cedarwood bits, but what I really loved about it? My husband bought it for me. I now smell pretty, oh-so-pretty, pretty and witty annnd....nevermind.
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It isn't the label - it could have been a spritz bottle from the Gap would have elicited the same response - it was the gesture. He knows what a sucker I am for subtle, floral (but not too sweet) musky (no patchtouchli!) scents - plus I'm almost out of Michael Kors...I know, toll the bells of misery for me, boo-hooo... again may I say how little I have to complain about, in light of how much crabbing I do.

So to wrap up, after the last couple of days, Love is...
  • Not laughing at me for being totally & completely horrified by the GIANT RAT that ran by us in San Diego.
  • Taking me to see the movie I wanted to...(Hint: it rhymes with shmore-bat and is amazingly inappropriate.
  • Buying me a most delicious pair of new sunglasses.
  • Not calling the people with those special, extra-long sleeved jackets when I suggest that we make A New Plan for the H_____ Family.
  • Tolerating my incessant rhapsodizing about the selection of blue cheeses at Disneys' California adventure.
Love you, Mooshi-Mooshi!


Bryndar the Banarian said...

What a pretty bottle. I'll have to try that, I'm in need of a new scent. You're a lucky lady :) So I'm new to the blog world, I commented back on your Nov.6th blog. I totally suck at this:)

Maya said...

Hi Bryn! I went to school with Mimi, Brie and Annie - small world in Carp, huh? I saw your old comment and wrote you one back - see you around?

Pony said...

Do you know that since I came out, oh, three years ago (that summer Amy and I stayed for a month with you) that I have worn Michael Kors ever since!?!?!?! IT IS THE BEST PERFUME IN THE WORLD. I just ran out too, and I have to wear some Clinique perfume that is nowhere near as lovely as MK. All thanks to you...

Maya said...

That, my dear, is because MK is based on tuberose - only THE BEST SMELL EVER....- and it has little else (besides a stabilizer and some mild spice) to interfere with it. You'd like this too - very violet without being candy-y at ALL.

PS. Frickin' finally you comment! Where ya been?