Monday, January 08, 2007

In the immortal words of the Beatles, HELP!

I have it on good authority that this week is National De-Lurking Week (A-HEMM!!). So...I propose a new sort of commenting, as follows:

First commenter gets to start the topic with one true and one false thing about themselves, plus one question for the next poster.
Next commenter tries to pick the true thing (more interesting that way), answers the question above, posts their own true/false, and repeats above direction.

Let's see how far we can take this...Vegas, Colorado, San Jose, entire Eastern Seaboard...lookin' at you. Go to it!


Chiada said...

True or false:

I was married at 21.
I was divorced by 25.

Question: Are you married, do you feel that you were married too young? What do you feel you've missed out on?

Pilar said...

I think chiada's "true" statement is that she was married at 21.

To answer the question: I am not married (divorced as of Nov. 7, '06). Yes, I wish I had waited until I was 30 and was financially independent before marrying.

To continue with the marriage topic (we ARE on a wedding planner's blog, after all!), here's my true or false:

We only had sex once on our seven-day honeymoon.
I left my husband on his birthday.

And my question: If you had a chance to live your life over again, what one thing would you do differently?

Great idea, Maya!

janet said...

Okay, I'll play! Hmmm I have no clue which is true. I'm gonna guess the honeymoon one?

Here are my two statements:
I met my husband at Mardi Gras
I met my husband in Vegas

If I had to change anything I think I would pick a different major in college. Even though I liked my classes and profs, I'm feeling like I want a career change but I don't have the right education.

And now I ask a question? Clearly following directions is a challenge....

Would you rather write a novel or run a marathon?

Maya said...

First of all: HI PILAR! Yeah! You are the first Offical De-Lurker!

Ohhh, I can't resist this one, Janet:
My pick for your truth:I'm going to say y'all met at Mardi Gras, but I'm not sure..and I think if I look it up in your archives, that's cheatin'.
My answer: I'd rather write a novel (as demonstrated by my lengthy posts of late, n'est pa?)

Now: True & False:

I personally think there is one person for everyone.
I have never had my driver's license.

Jen-Again said...

Oooh- I think that your True is that you have never had your driver's license!

Now, since you didn't ask a question, I will answer Chiada's question:

I just got married at 36, so no- not too early. I do feel that I had a GREAT time being young and single, but sometimes think it would have been nice to have been experiencing some of that with a life partner.

My question:

In retrospect, do you regret the age at which you lost your virginity? Was it too young, too old, or just right?

Maya said...

I'd just like to say: Clearly, being unable to follow my own directions, I am a Dork.

My question (for whoever wants it):

What made you start blogging? Do you consider yourself a writer, or a pleasure journal-keeper?

Jen-Again said...

Well- I also forgot to add my own true/false- so here goes:

I dated Tanya Tucker's tour drummer in 1990

I sang in a B52's cover band

Lauren said...

I think Jen-again dated Tanya Tucker's tour drummer in 1990... that's just seems too random to make up.

I think I was too young... I cannot imagine my (future) daughter even thinking of boys at that age. Luckily, I also met my husband at a young age... so it's all relative in the scheme of things.

If you had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Anonymous said...

Vegas De-Lurking !!!

one food the rest of my life, that would suck !.If i must choose it would be taco's

True & False

Meepers was called camera shy in our freshman yearbook.

I hate basketball and those pesky lakers.

Whats your absolute Favorite adult beverage.

Maya said...

VEGAS! VEGAS! S/HE'S OUR ... PERSON! I'm so happy you've finally de-lurked! PS Will be out your way on Saturday. If you've got any good suggestions (no gambling) for things to do, would vastly appreciate it.
PS If you really DO recall our (my?) freshman yearbook, my apologies.

Anonymous said...

lol "HE"

Well i suggest bringing some warm clothes because were expecting a bit of a cold spell. < check this site out for info on how to get half price tickets for shows etc. < check this out. Loads of rides inside !. < you need to go here. ( features a gondola ride and madame tussauds wax Museum.) i think they still have the blue man group too.

You should check out The Forum Shops at ceasars palace 160 shops and 13 restaurants. Its impressive.
Check out the Hard rock hotel just off the strip. It's worth the trip to check out there music memoribilia (guitars ,outfits etc) < the aladdin/Planet Hollywood resort has a large mall called the Desert passage and it has some nice places to eat and shop.

much more but to see and do. I just have to think about it a bit more.

ps.i wasn't sure how to link on a comment so your just going to have to copy paste or type in the urls sorry.


Maya said...

M....seriously? Cold? In VEGAS? I was so looking forward to sitting out by the pool with a cocktail and a good book!

We'll be staying at the Venetian (I said Bellagio, but was Not Correct) so we'll definitely check it out!

Thanks so much for the links! I am SO going to go look at those. Scott says thank you, too.