Saturday, February 10, 2007

Overheard at the Magic Kingdom

Overheard on Mainstreet, USA (Disneyland) tonight (while waiting for firework show to start):

Brat Kids (who were probably over-tired and hopped up on sugar): "We don't waaaaannnna watch the stupid fireworks. Why can't we go onnn a riiiiide?"

Harried Dad (who had dragged his kids' ungrateful little asses around all day long and was bound and determined to have a good time, dammit): "Stop complaining, for the luvvagaaahhd."

Brat Kids (bickering): "But WHY can't we just go ride a RIDE? We wanna go on -----"

Harried Dad: "Stop. Complaining. If I had wanted to hear complaining, I'd have brought your mother along."

For the record: They stopped complaining and bickering when the fireworks started.....but started back up about two minutes later.


Chiada said...

Boy, if only you could have heard how loud I laughed on THAT one... :D

From the bathroom, after reading it loud to Hub-E, I hear: "Birth control."

Maya said...

Yeah... actually just GOING to Disneyland is birth (and portion! OMG there were some scarily fat KIDS there, like 'hi. you need to stop. eating. now. We aren't bears. You don't HIBERNATE.) control. Totally fun but every time we got pulled up in line for being just 2, watched a parent wrestle a stroller, or listened to some brat scream because they did/n't want to do _______...Well, I admit it, I felt a deep and cruel relief that I don't have to do That.

girlanddog said...

OMG, the "I'd have brought your mother" comment was priceless! Poor schmuck... :(

Nothing like a couple of screaming kids to make you give thanks for being childless! Whenever I see brats in a restaurant, I always order another glass of wine to celebrate not having to deal with them.

Janet said...

Heehee! At least we know where they get it from.

chiefbiscuit said...

That is so funny! I bet you're relieved not to have that hassle.

Tim Halberg said...

I LOVE that you actually remembered to blog about this!! This is the kinda stuff I hear and am like, wow, I should blog about that!! then never do...

I saw the papperatzi chase someone down the other day in Beverly Hills... it was the most sad/pathetic and at the same time most comical thing I'd seen in quite a while!!!