Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Do I Have Whiskers?

Everyone has noticed, at one time or another, how people tend to look like their pets. That is, they buy pets that have similar features as them - not always, just often. In our neighborhood, there are quite a few examples:

-The big, "pirate-y looking guy, Jack, and his Boston Bull Terrier - a jutting underjaw, eyes a bit bulgy, barrel chested.

-My neighbor with the overgrown Bull Mastiff "puppy", Bear - Both of them have big, liquid brown eyes and handsome faces with a hint of mischief.

-Ironically, my Hispanic neighbors, Jose and Maria (not a joke) have two Chihuahuas, Lucy and I think Juanita. I swear those dogs bark En Espanol! Its like "que pasa? que pasa? que pasaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

-The rather large and often mussy haired woman next door has a rather large, often mussy cat..

-The redheaded lady from New York walks her white coated, kinda pink around the eyes, lean dog around. The dog has gingery patches on its coat.

We have one orange cat, and yet seem to lack whiskers, claws, fur and a tail. So I've been trying to figure it out - What is it about him that is like us?
Or us that is like him? Let's break it down, shall we?

Him: Soft and very flexible, whilst S is barely able to reach behind his back and I would be hard pressed to get much of my leg behind my head. I could probably manage THIS pose, but...

Us: Quite fond of spicy, multi-cultural food. Him: Pretty happy with stanky cat food, so long as he can pilfer it from the neighbors' pie tins, as opposed to eating the carefully prepared and expensive food I buy for him, due to his food allergies. Fynn makes the exception occasionally - he likes to eat anything I have in my hand, especially cheese and yogurt.

Him: Pretty fond of rolling in the dirt, especially after being bathed. Us: Quite attached to the shower, soap and razors.
Us: Like to sleep in. Him: Like to sleep in ... any comfortable place he can find.
Him: Can bite when not amused, or just for fun. Us: Can bite for amusement, rarely use teeth to express displeasure at inadequate catnip.
Us: Sometimes startled by loud noises. Him: Startled by any noise louder than the crackle of a dry leaf.
Him: Wild about catnip in a sock. Us: Pretty stoked when feet are in socks.

Well, at any rate, the one thing I WON'T be doing is buying any food for him at Petco. Check this out (but not on a full stomach or a bad day: www.petcocruelty.com

And while I'm on my soapbox, don't buy any Canadian seafood (this is worse than the Petco one, FYI) I'm not saying that there's any way that we could stop this, but it seems like a Little Thing that could help make a bit of a difference. Damned Canandians. The seafoods that we shouldn't buy are as follows: Lobster, Scallops, Herring, Yellow Perch, Tuna, Snow Crabs, Shrimp, Perch, Sardines, Whitefish, Cod, Haddock, Mussels, Flounder, Swordfish, Makerel, Oysters, Sole and Trout. But only if its imported from Canada. *@#@# Canadians.


Stepping off my soapbox now,


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