Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Proof (again) that my husband really loves me

Transcript from actual conversation from this evening, as I was changing from a cute dress into PJ's.

Me: pulling dress off over my head, standing in slip, bra and bare feet, than pulling on sweats and a weird tank top. Sweats are temporarily under my slip.

S: "Oh babe...niiiice. You've got a little Arabian Nights look goin' on there." Please note that S is not the sarcastic one in our family. I have that job. He's the "Big Spender" and the "Musically Talented One" and the "Art Critic".

M: "Are you BLIND? We could both get inside these pants, I have no idea where they came from!"

S: "No - you look hot. Look at your little butt." Ok people - my a@@ is NOT in any way "little".

M - Stares, shakes head.

Proof positive that either he is totally psychotic or he really, really loves me. Even when I look like this. Durrrrr! Sleep much, Maya? (I had, but I was just unable to see due to the bright, bright sun in my face.)

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