Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Five Degrees ...

Of course I've always heard about the six degrees of separation between everyone and Kevin Bacon, right? Freakishly enough... its true in S. and my case. Check this out:

#1. Us:
#2. Our friend and post office buddy, Mike
#3. Mike's late, semi-great and famous wife, Edie Sedgwick (who died three months after they married)
#4. Edie's cousin, Keira Sedgwick is.... wait for it...
#5. MARRIED to Kevin Bacon. (Who everyone used to say my dad looked like, except with a better nose)

We figured this out today during our walk down to the mail - its been so nice here that it'd really be wrong not to go outside and enjoy it just a little bit, so we're two out of two days in a row in taking this little trip. Considering that most of the country is freeeezing, and all, we'd better be enjoying it, right? Right. A tiny "Sorry!" to anyone out there who's sitting in a Cosby sweater-turtleneck combo with the heat on, damning me and my stupid warm weather. Notice I said tiny... because I am mean-spirited and hateful, but especially at this time of year, because:
-My birthday is the end of November
-Hearing "Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanta Claus is comin' to towwwwwn... Saaaaaaaaanta Claus is comin' to town" in the grocery store, as sung by a man who surely MUST have have some kind of rodent attached to his crotchal region.. how else could he make that sound?
-The days haven't started getting longer yet
-Halloween candy on sale is now stale but still on sale and thereby calling to me.
-Christmas candy from last year, see above, also red and green M & Ms are boring.

So because we are all Euro-style like that - and because gas costs $18 million a gallon (and that is how I know I'm NOT really Euro, or gas would be $35 million a gallon) we had a walk with a Mission. Mission accomplished, we started chatting with Mike the Mailman - his REAL NAME is Michael Post. Post! I've heard of people named for their jobs, but this is just hilarious. Yesterday when we were there, he'd mentioned something about "either Sienna Miller or an Olsen twin playing his ex-wife in this new movie", but there were to many restless folks waiting to mail fruitcake back to their old friends and relations to ask further. Today we got the "whole story" ...

"So Mike, who was your ex-wife?" S. asked, as he handed Mike our package.

"Her name was Edie Sedgwick" Mike replied laconically.

"The ANDY WARHOL Edie Sedgwick?" (S, in stunned tones of wonder)

"Yup. She died three months after we were married." Mike replied, "Do you want insurance with that?"

(Insert small awkward pause and appropriate condolences - if they are appropriate, thirty years later)

Turns out, she was many people's Edie -
Bob Dylan's - The following songs are said to be inspired by her or her and other women:
-Like a Rolling Stone - I'm told it was voted Best Rock n' Roll song of all time by Rolling Stone magazine
-Leopard-Skin Pillbox Hat" (mean lyrics!)
-Just Like a Woman, from the Blonde on Blonde album - she was also on the sleeve art of the album.
and "Lay Lady Lay" which I have always absolutely HATED!
According to the almighty Google, she was also the inspiration for:
"Edie" by the Cult
-Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians wrote a song about her called Little Miss S.
-The Velvet Underground song Femme Fatale (on the album The Velvet Underground and Nico) is reported to have been written about Edie at Andy Warhol's request.
- Dramarama used a photograph of Edie on their album Cinéma Vérité. - You know - Dramarama of "Anything, Anything"? I love that song!

Oh, and she apparently was born and raised in Santa Barbara - in the hospital about oh, a block from where I sit now.


Also on our walk of Euro-imitating goodness: Saw not one, but two women asleep in their cars, one right after the other - they were complete with pillows and everything, although one of them DID have a case of wine glasses on the seat next to her... I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeVille.


goinggrey said...

Thats a lovely picture

Meepers said...

Why, thank you! :-) Its actually one from a quick shoot I did for a friend who goes to Brooks.

Chookooloonks said...

...which makes those of us who read your blog....

Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon! Woohoo!

Meepers said...

WOW! I got a comment from KAREN! OMG I am seriously so excited right now... you're reading this! Iiiiyiiii! I'm going to have to start writing about...something now!

PR F said...

That's awesome! The photos of Edie and Michael at their wedding really show their love, he seemed like a really good influence and person for her, its tragic that she died and she couldn't continue on in a life of love and happiness. Bless them both <3