Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Laa la La Happiness, Shoes and bus rides

I'd just like to write a brief note amongst all the snarky/mildly hostile stuff down there. I got The Shoes yesterday, which did not suck at all! And it has been almost two whole days (a record! - but the day isn't over yet) since I've been Wombushed. Yessss! Also, there was a large burrito with my name on it last night, one I did not have to make with my own two paws. Yesssss!

Oh, and I forgot: I was working at my old office for the day, and we were so bored we started drinking champagne at oh, lets say, noon. Heh! Nothing makes the work day fly by like that!

T-minus three days till our annual "Death March" and I cannot wait! Here's the lowdown on it:

The 2006 Annual “Death March”

(aka: Fun walk from Santa Barbara to Carp - on the beach)
Sunday, January 1, 2006 11 am - about 5:30

Hello everyone!

Many years ago, the H family started a tradition on the first day of every year. We would walk from “our” beach in Carpinteria to East Beach in Santa Barbara as a healthy and inexpensive way to start the year. S and I reinstituted this tradition with roaring success three years ago, but bad weather the last two years has prevented us from continuing. Since this year has been so nice, I am hereby Officially Throwing Down the Gauntlet.

Don’t worry if you’re not in top shape, as we’ve had “finishers” as young as five in the past. The terrain is 90% flat with a few rocky outcroppings and tide pools. Below is a basic run-down of things to bring and how everything will work. Remember: Time and Tide wait for no man! High Tide will be at 9 am, low tide at 4:20 pm, so we will have the advantage of the tide being on the way down most of the day.

A note about rain: Should the December weather turn bad near the end of the month, causing the creek run-off to be especially heavy, OR if it rains on the actual day, the walk is OFF and we’ll probably all go to a movie!

By eleven am, everyone please carpool to the bus station and than we will carpool down to east beach, arriving in plenty of time to get started at 11:30 am.

Generally, we stop and have a nice quick lunch in Summerland, but please keep in mind we do need to mind the tide! This is also a nice place for anyone who would like to stop halfway to do so. If you do choose to stop here, you will find the bus stop right up the hill on Summerland’s Lillie Avenue (by the Post Office). We should be there by no later than 1:30 pm, so anyone who’d like to stop early will still have time for lunch with the group.
A note for Parents: Just past Summerland, there is an (unofficial) clothing-optional beach, which may or may not have anyone on it. Generally this area marks the beginning of the “Summerland Sprint” for all the kids, so don’t worry – they’ll be to busy trying to win the race to glance around.

A note: Your dog(s) are welcome, but please keep in mind that except for seeing eye-dogs, there are no dogs allowed on the bus and make alternate arrangements for your transport back to your vehicle.

Please bring: $2.00 per person for bus/trolley fare – the bus now costs 1.25 per person and we may need to take one of the little trolleys)
-Comfortable water-friendly shoes (I go barefoot, but you’ll want shoes for the bus ride at least)
-Sunscreen/sunglasses – it can be amazingly hot!
-A towel, just in case
-Waterproof camera is nice – there are some amazing views!
-Snacks and/or a bag lunch, or $ for lunch in Summerland (Stackeys is popular with the guys and has great burgers!)

You can go to http://www.sbmtd.gov/ for bus schedules. Line 20, Sunday Schedule for 1-1-06

See ya there!

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