Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Thank you, Mr. Hershey

Well, shoot! I had this cute little post with an entry from my first travel journal - and the Internet ate it. Blast! The last couple of days have been fraught with "technical difficulties" but I'm *HOPING* that everything will be good to go from now on. You see, I am sick of jockeying around the printer with S. every tme I need to send out a new information packet to clients. So I thought I'd just email myself all these forms and open them on his computer. Presto! No more unplugging/re-setting up two computers. Sounds easy, right? That is where you (actually, I) was very, very wrong. On a daily basis I'm able to do things that are Fun and Frivolous online without to much of a problem - you know, like message boards, Google etc. Somehow when it comes to anything a) work-related b) that I need Right Now, I am screwed, stewed and tatooed. Don't believe me?

I can prove it. Example A: Back in the early days of Ye Olde Internet and the beginning of more advanced computer networking becoming common, I was in high school. Some of my classes had networks of up to 40 computers or so, and our library had the Internet, as did the computer lab. Any time from zero to ten minutes from the instant I walked in the door, every single computer would either freeze, crash or just give up and give the Blue Screen of Death. Da*nned PCs, I've never gotten along with them. Quite a number of times, I'd just give up and leave - and they would all mysteriously come back on. This led to a lot of episodes of me running from room to room, looking for an available system to type my latest (always very, very long) paper on. The technical support people started shaking their heads, muttering and hurling baleful glances and threatening to "re-route my CPU, dammit" if I got too close to them. The upside: I got out of a lot of classes, and I learned to type really, really fast.

Example B: It took me approximately ten emails, six HOURS and a stiff dosage of McDonalds' Filet O' Fish (ewww, I know - I felt terrible for the rest of the day) to re-format around ten or twelve forms. Of course, my forms aren't just "fill in the blank" or checklist type things, no, no... they have lots of pictures, and pretty fonts. None of which made it through the email. Grrrrrr! Thus the six hours of re-formatting - I realize this makes for less-than-scintillating reading, so I interrupt this post to show you this so-cute shirt I just got.

It says (in case you couldn't read my chest from that lovely blurry picture I took:

It's true, too!


the sightspeed guy said...

Nice shirt! Is that a play on the "Chock Late" blog title? ;)

Meepers said...

It is now - a friend sent it to me because I do love chocolate. Mmmm chocolate. Actually Chock Late was due to the fact that I was SURE all the blogs with "Chocolate" in them were occupied.

goinggrey said...