Thursday, January 12, 2006

Green Eggs,

  • AND Ham, too?

  • Very strange indeed. That is all. Just to strange to pass up.

    Must pack and do laundry for trip - a mostly futile excercise since what I will mostly take is SHOES! But than again, if you were to go to a certain beach today, you would have found me there... in five inch heels. I SWEAR it was for work.

    Signing off yours in a tearing hurry,


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    Irony Queen said...

    Ok, now I'm super jealous. How do you get the pretty flower thing there in the theme box??? Please keep in mind that while I have mastered HTML commands such as "bold" and "italics," that's about where my knowledge ends. Oh, and I'm a master at cut-and-paste, so if you stole the code from somewhere, I'm all about that.