Wednesday, January 11, 2006

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And the movie Rudy, which is The Best Football Movie Ever Made. Which features a gratuitous amount of "the Slow Clap" and a generous swell of heart-stirring music, along with a very cute, very young, pre-Lord of the Rings/Samwise Gangee, aka Sean Astin. Please note that I don't like football, and when S. watches, I usually say either, "Is it over yet?" or "Is the green team winning?" In case you were, I don't know, temporarily embalmed in Ulan Bator when this movie came out...go directly to Netflicks/BlockBuster/Your local video store and BUY, don't rent it. If you don't choke up just a little, well, your heart must be black and made of tar and tiny crumbs of evil.

I found this little chap/lass? doggedly scaling our house this afternoon - I'm not normally a bug fan, in fact I often remind Fynn that his duty in life is to Look Cute and Eat/Kill/Destroy all Bugs. Please don't think that we live in a vermin-infested sty - its just that with the old houses, there are larger gaps between things like windows, screens, frames, etc - and the invertebrates like to make their way in. I leave lots of windows open, and also I think living under a veritable Forest of Oak trees invites these weird little moths round.

For the praying mantises (mantissi?), ladybugs (Did you know they are a symbol among the adoption community? I didn't until a few years back - I wonder what the origin is - Karen? Salsa in China? care to elucidate?) and these guys, I make an exception. I think its the killer combo of big (relatively) shiny black eyes, furry little bodies and funny round feet - in multiples! that makes me want to just pet them. Don't you? Very, very gently of course.

It could just be me. I was reading something the other day about how every country has a cuteness tolerance, kind of like a sweet tooth. Japanese "kawaii"-tolerance (so cute/precious!) is very high, with Hello Kitty figures, etc, everywhere, while other places (Germany comes to mind, but I could be wrong) ...not so much. Cars like the Mini and the new bug are all rounded edges and "bug eyes". So I guess with the U.S.' cute-tooth is getting stronger as well.

What about you? Seen anything really adorable lately? Check this out!


Hay Lady said...

Ooooo...he is so cute! But promise me you will squash him like the bug he is should he start to eat a hole into any of your wool clothing! live in SB. No wool needed. Lucky you!!! I am so jealous! Your pics are beautiful!!

Hay Lady

Meepers said...

Oh I've got wool - I just don't wear it most of the time (although I'm going to NEED it next week in Colorado! brrr!) He's a plant-eater, thank goodness. I re-released him into the wilds of my weedy yard, where he is hopefully munching away. Thanks!