Sunday, January 08, 2006

I Heart S.B.

In an episode of Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica "Horseface" (says S.) Parker once joked that she was having a love affair with New York. I have been in a deep and meaningful relationship with Santa Barbara for all my life. This is why.

Pardon the fuzzy image, it was taken with a phone. However, I'd like to go on record and say a few things:

First: That is reason number one that I love living here. Its flippin' January, folks. Yet here we are, at the beach. It was lovely.

Second: Behind us is the "fort" we built for little lovely, B. It included the following amenities and I must admit: We were way, way, way more amused by the construction and appointments than she was. There were a "grill" (bamboo sticks laid over a square hole in the sand, surrounded by rocks) a "couch" (large chunk of wood we are all sitting on, covered in a towel) a TV (oval rock, covered in tin foil, surrounded by sand, complete with a knob made of a juice cap) and a "window" (plastic sheeting wrapped around two lengths of bamboo). The TV was a retro-style, but also included antennae and a remote.

I asked B. "what's on the TV?" and she replied,

"Sleeping, wait, The Simpsons!"

Priceless. As was our hysterical laughter when the (totally contraband, don't try this at home, kids) bottle of champagne we snuck to the beach went POPPP! and flooded my poor darlings' purse. We drank the remaining cup (klassy styrofoam) with hysterical sputters, fresh clemintines and a delicious slab of dark organic chocolate. See the stainage round little B's mouth? Yeah...ALL. MY. FAULT.

Apparently, all you have to do to make a friend for life with a three year old girl is:
-Give her nail polish
-Pass out See's candy with reckless abandon
-Make faces
-Swing in her hammock with her.

Really, not too different than how to make friends for life with me. Hmmmm. No wonder we get along so well.

Now what was NOT cute, amusing or nice:

The trio of lively little mice running around our feet as we ate dinner at Hamburger Habit. One of the Prices we Pay to live here, besides exorbitant....everything, is a burgeoning rodent/pest population. You see, they don't freeze and die in winter, which is a Bad Thing, although if it got that cold we would Not have been at the beach today - and therein lies the rub.

What to do? Enjoy, I think.



E (hotgogo) said...

Just popping in from MS to read about your fascinating life! Really? The beach? I'm so jealous! Here I am trying to coax the dog into covering my feet for warmth. Brrr.

Meepers said...

Really. The beach. Yess! Notice that I'm wearing jeans and a sweater over my bikini, but still... the beach. Tell the dog to curl up and no biting toes.