Saturday, January 07, 2006

I'm Not the New Me

Ahem! (clears throat/keyboard) I'd like to say that:
-I think making NY's resolutions is mostly a terrible idea
-Most people aim too big.
The thing to do is aim low. Very, very low. To that end, here is my silly list:

1. Not eat a McDonalds' at ALL this year - considering I only went in the Den of Evil about six times last year (Filet O' Fish craving occasionally strikes at certain Times... I know, I KNOW how disgusting this is, ok?) I think I can manage.

2. Maintain hair so as not to look like a walking mattress.

3. Get a new baby kitty, properly leash-train and attempt to have her be a bit less crazed in the car.

4. Do our great beach-walk sometime soon, because it is so amazingly beautiful and also would make for great pictures.

5. Attempt to post something nearly every day.

6. Savor my family, human and furry members.

7. Improve my writing - it can only get better, so this really isn't too big a challenge, is it?

8. Finally read War & Peace all the way through - I've been trying to do this since about fifth grade, I honestly cannot get past the first hundred pages or so.

9. Finish reading and summarizing these fabulous journals kept by an elderly Englishman during World War II ... possibly research and find surviving family members? The writing is very hard to read and lapses into both French and German, but it is literally history in my hands. The man was taken to a French prison/camp and the journals cover parts of about four years, not till the end of the war. I'm not a really big WW II fan, but S is, and we both love history, so its been a really interesting project so far. I may go as far as to post some of his entries here - the man could WRITE.

Probably that one should precede the anti-McDonalds part.

10. Discover my inner gardner. I hate gardening. I mean.... ommmmmm..... gardening is funnnn.... dirt and grit are gooood....

11. Be more Martha, less "walking disaster" round the homefront.

12. Finally paint the d*mmed kitchen. Why, why WHY didn't he listen to me when we moved in FIVE YEARS AGO? Why didn't I make him listen? Arghh!

13. Get back to playing volleyball and swimming.

14. Make a new, real friend, enhance current friendships.

And you?

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