Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm Baaaaa-aaaack!

Such a tease, too... This is totally a teaser post. Hi to ... anyone? Anyone? I'm actually in the process of teaching myself how to make a photo-journal DVD with music, etc and semi-cool fades, so these are some totally raw pictures of us in The Colorado.

Mt. Sopris, as veiwed pretty much from my sister's (Pony) bedroom.

This dog (so, so, so adorable...) is Male. He weighs about three pounds. He's called Kitty. Those sick, sick b*stids out there. We have more pictures of him than all of the humans put together, and he's not even any of our dog- Pamby was (is?) house-sitting at this palatial house and he is one of the menagarie that lives there.

Here are some more of the menagarie - Leo, Cleo and Jazz, who could not stop peeing on the silken bedspreads and were so! soft! and gorgeous! that we were sorely tempted to box them up and bring them home with us. This picture also demonstrates that the Cat-Lady thing is actually both a gene (mom, aunt, sister) and a disease (S. has caught it from me)

View from the right-hand side of my sisters' house. So pretty! Icesicles for real! Brrrrr!


the sightspeed guy said...

Isn't snow great - to go to & come back from? Seriously, I can't see purposefully living there unless, well, you can't afford California, which is prolly 90% of the world, including myself. We went to the snow, too, but alas - the camera was forgotten.

Meepers said...

Ya... snow. Happy, happy happy to come home from. Ugh! Such a pain! So beautiful but SUCH A PAIN! The footwear alone was enough to put me off snow for (another) ten years.

Hay Lady said...

Great pics!

ITA with the pretty to look at and visit. But I haven't a clue why anyone in their right mind would want to live in it.


Hey, you have been MIA at MSBB...are you comin back to join the new us????

Meepers said...

Have been quite busy (making a DVD for the family) and as you see, shamefully neglectful. Am returning with more pictures and stories v. v. shortly.

Chiada said...

LOL - don't let him read this: S looks like he belongs in Colorado LOL. He's glowing!