Thursday, January 05, 2006

Little Weirdo

Since its been, oh.... two and a half posts since I talked about the Small Pea... I'd just like to report that the cat is officially a sufferer of the OCD. He is obsessive-compulsive about the following:

-Absolutely must run/scamper/charge the bathroom door if it is closed (with an occupant behind) and jump about half-way up the door jam so as to tap! on the doorknob. If said door should be ajar, it will fly open, and he will paw his way in, so he can ask us, "Merrroowwr? Wrrooowrr?" Which means..."That is one strange looking sandbox you've got there, Ma....can I try it?"

-Under no circumstances may canned cat food be eaten at anything other than room temperature.

-All arrivals of meepers and S must be greeted with frantic meeyowwwwwwwwing, regardless of the length of the absence.

-He must sleep between my feet in his "nest", a carefully fluffed and rolled blanket - between the hours of 1 am - 9 am.

-Daytime "naps" when not taken in my lap, are in his bed (an heirloom passed down by the late, great Moss)

-Biting of my toes and "Papa's" extremities is an absolute necessity in the am.

-He has been camped out by our front door for a week. Staring at nothing.

Do your pets have such strange peccadillos? Or...should I say, what strange peccadillos DO they have?


Chiada said...

I guess I could go on and on about our Boo-Boo's, Chloe & Rayna, as they are otherwise known. But where to begin? How about the fact that a 50-lb. Dalmatian feels the need to curl up in our lap whilst we are watching movies. The little spotted blob gently rising & falling as she breathes in. She also dreams and twitches and softly yelps quite often - I just hope they are good dreams. When we let her on the bed (not in the bed), she feels the need to be between us at the level of our upper backs, which is quite annoying and uncomfortable because then I can't move my arms. And, as Savannah christened her once, she's like a boulder! A boulder! Because she's so darn heavy and refuses to be moved if she's in a bad spot on the bed. When we do shove her into a better spot, she growls at us, the pill! Rayna, on the other hand, is a goofy oaf of a dog. Doh-dee-doh is like her motto. Once the alarm goes off, her furry feet thump their way to our room where she sniffs and whines at the door for us to get up and walk her (hardly ever walk her in the mornings). Then we go into the bathroom and, if the door isn't shut all the way, she pokes her nose onto the door to open it & stares at us, tail awaggin as we sit on the throne. Also, Chloe loves her leathers. Chew leathers. We give one to each of the dogs. But guess what Rayna does? She camps out inches from Chloe while Chloe gnaws away at the thing until something distracts Chloe, at which time Rayna snatches up the soggy thing (hers, of course, has been left behind at the other end of the yard, not touched and still crisp) and runs off with it to chew it. Chloe goes over to her with a look like "dude, what's up??!" Then she wanders around & will sometimes find the one that originally was Rayna's. If Rayna sees Chloe chewing on THAT one, the whole process starts over again. They also like to chase eachother around the shed in the backyard, kill unsuspecting gophers together (go, doggies!), and sleep in dirt piles in the sun. The moment one of us gets home from work, they stand at the gate and howl at us - horrible crying sounds, as if we're beating them or something. Then we let them in & they go berzerker on us: running around like idiots, circling around us, tails wagging dangerously close to some valuable item. They're great though. I love their personalities & how they entertain us. Hey, man is dog's best friend. :)

Meepers said...

Or... womans best friend, right? wow.... I didn't realize you read this all the time! Hee!