Monday, January 02, 2006


In very small news of the world: Bad daughter and Good Son-in-Law finally visit her parents and Family - Five Years Late.

This was not, I repeat, NOT, anything I wanted to happen. Nor is it because we don't all love each other to peices. We do - and there is much mailing of packages and letters and things back and forth at regular intervals. Not only that, but if you look back at

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  • you'll see pictures from a most splendid surprise twenty-fifth anniversary party we threw for Ma and Pa Meepers about a year and a half ago. Wedding season being what it is, the times of the year I'm told are "good weather" (ie not snowing, sleeting or 20 below) are precisely the times I can't be away. To my sheer delight, S "announced" that we were 'Going to Colorado, woman". He's not given to "announcing" things to me any more than I am in the habit of standing on my head, so this was a bit of a shock to me.

    So, as of today, we are Officially booked. I'll be (mostly) on hiatus January 16-25th, so probably no entries around then, but I'm sure there will be lots of travel stories, (I'm hoping none of them involve lost baggage or missed flights) on our return.


    (who will now spend the next two weeks in Trader Joe's, purchasing wine, lemon curd and other toothy goods that are Not Readily Available out thur in the Boonies)

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