Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Why I'm not in a hurry to visit Washington D.C., part 439


Want to see something absolutely RIDICULOUS that (to me) proves how uptight/anal/needy/lame/egotistical some chefs are? Especially chefs from the East, specifically the D.C. area?

Go visit

  • (This is Amalah's husband, Jason)
  • and read this entry. The short of it is this: Couple and their adorable tiny sprog (asleep) go to a nice dinner, and take pictures of the pretty chocolate cake with whipped cream on top. Pissy chef comes out AFTER dinner and says "You can't take pictures of MY FOOD." Subsequently lovely couple gets a poorly spelled and punctuatede Cease and Desist letter for blogging about it. Chef Carole Greenwood needs to pay more attention to her cooking and less to HER GUESTS TAKING PICTURES OF FOOD THEY PAID FOR.

    I've got to go, I've got an hour till my hair appointment and still no clue of a) what color(s) b) what cut I'm getting. Please advise soonest, remember I'm not a good "maintainer".




    Anonymous said...

    Hello, "Meepers." I hope your hair appt. went well!

    You posted on my blog that you'd love an argyle sweater...well, J Crew has plenty right now--that's where I got mine. It pretty much rocks.

    Thanks for being such an amazing commenter. And your name rocks.

    Karen/Naked ovary

    Meepers said...

    Thank you! It did, methinks (see above) Would be headed straight to JC now, but .. seem to have spent an amazing time at Old Navy and also over my shoe limit. Can't wait to your little MP to get here so there will be someone small to initiate into the Way of the Shoe.