Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tag! Memememememe!

Seven Things to Do Before I Die:
Visit Italy, Norway, New Zealand and Thailand
Learn to speak and read (writing? I hope.. but...) another language.
Live in a house where I am really comfortable, inside and out, with the design/decor. Shallow? Maybe - but I swear, hating this place is eating away at my psyche! Also: Live in another country. Meaningfully.
Impart a meaningful lesson to someone else by example or influence.
Have really blonde hair. Just for a while.
Drink absinthe. Green fairy...
Get published somewhere.

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
Drive very well, or a stick-shift, at all. Or at night, ever.
Enjoy real country or opera music (sorry, just can't)
Be in the room with karaoke (see? can't even SPELL it) on. Haaate!
Tolerate intolerence/racist jokes or comments in my presence.
Ride a bike, ice skate, roller skate (not really). I'm just not good with.. moving on anything but my own two feet.
Fluff the covers as well as S. can. He is the master "flumper" in our family.

Seven Things That Attracted Me to Blogging:
A chance to "journal"/writing excercise
Better than running amok with a typewriter and an Uzi, innit?
Possibilities! A chance (slim) to become HTML-friendly
Anything but watching the Lakers/sports is good
Meeting great people online
Expanding my "worldview". I hate that word.

Seven Things I Say Most Often:
Baaaabe.... Where's the (insert item here)
"Like you do"
That is riDICulous!
Fynn! Fynnjamin! Fynnjamin-Bugbart!
Did you get (________) at the store?
I'm NOT tickling your back
Wanna... actually, I'm not writing that.

Seven Books I Love:
Moby Dick
Grapes of Wrath
Snows of Kilimanjaro
The Shell Seekers
The Thorn Birds
Under the Tuscan Sun (book waaaaaay different than movie, don't judge!)
the NEXT book I'm reading

Seven Movies That I (would) Watch Over and Over Again:
Girl With a Pearl Earring *
Any James Bond movie
The Sandlot
La Belle Epoque **
Artemisia* **
Lost in Translation
*film based on life of an artist. Hmmm
**foreign film

Seven People I Want to Join In:
-Chiada (Colorful Life)
-My sister (Chilly Kitty)
-Karen (Naked Ovary)
-Lynn (Sprigs)
-Karen (Chookooloonks)

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