Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thai Anything (at least once)

Overheard while eating at a Thai resturant:

Guy A: "Yeah, Morrocan food is a great date, you know, like a group date with two or three other couples...

Guy B: "Totally dude (not kidding, this is Southern California and I am transcribing in the vernacular here), its kind of a good test, you know... like to see if she's into eating all animal-style and stuff..

Guy C: "Ya, I mean, if she asks for a fork..... (Long pause, sighs of contempt) ... ' "Next!"* '

*Refers to a ridiculous 'reality' TV show that I admit, I watched. Once, and only for anthropological purposes, and to make fun of it. The contestants are one guy or one girl and about ten members of the opposite sex. Most are 23 and under (the influence, it would seem, to want to be on the show) and most are fairly telegenic, but seem to lack a lot in the "Common Courtesy" "Brain" and "Appropriate Undergarments" departments. The date-er (the single person) expresses his/her interests (ie: "Snowboarding, spray-painting and Serious Student") and what they are looking for in a date ("Likes to do stuff", "Cute/hot", "Must have a good body" or the ever-popular request/demand that they are assured of a conquest) The "dates" are measured in minutes, and every minute a date lasts without the dater telling the contestants, "Next!" they get a dollar. Sad AND humiliating.

Guy B: "Ya, totally ...a FORK, dude, a friggin' fork - you know, I travel, dude, I don't want some chick asking for a fork if we go to Thailand or something..."

Guy A: "Once I took this girl to an Indian place (I surely hope none of the ladies these guys are dating have delicate bottom systems) and she looked at the menu and said, ' "What's the most American thing on the menu?" '

Long pause, groans of depair, noshing sounds on the delicious red curry, chicken skewers with peanut sauce and other treats.

Apparently the way to a man's heart is via YOUR stomach - if you can stand the Spicy Noodle with Beef, a side of Thom-Kai-Kai and a flaming chile, love is in the air. Or possibly, the toilet.

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Chiada said...

How come I can't be appreciated for my cuisine know-all??? I love Curry, Thai, Sushi, etc. AND know how to use chopsticks. Alas, that's not the only thing those types look for in a date. Still, that scene is soooo "Santa Barbara" ;D