Saturday, February 25, 2006

Worth looking at...

But possibly not reading... Just a quick note to say:

1) Yeah! Chiada and her hubs are in fact, en route to come and see us - which means: Good times will ensue and also: Margarita-ville, USA will be located in my front porch. Yessss!
2) I'm working on a new tabletop painting - this one is by Medigliani and I think she's beautiful - will post when I finish her up. Here's what its based on"

3) Lemon drop martinis at Harry's ROCK! However their shrimp could definitely use some help.

4) Am also "shoveling out" house, so as to view my bedroom floor. I still hate the carpet.

5) I think we're going to the Santa Barbara Art Museum, where S. used to work - aren't we all cultured and stuff? Heh.

6) Due to a few issues, the great Bathroom Renovation of 2006 is at a virtual stand-still. Sigh... hopefully I'll get SOMETHING done on Sunday night or Monday. We'll see - the way last week went (major computer/printer interface issues, muttered threats of "I'm gonna make you wish you didn't HAVE an operating system, you ungrateful little thing!", taking three flippin' days to do a project that should have been three hours at most...) I don't know. The Black Cloud that hangs over my head hasn't moved on yet.

7) I'd like to write more entries like yesterdays' and less like todays'. Hmmmm

8) Is it totally obvious that I love lists? Especially pointless ones?

9) Am sadly clueless as to HTML stuff - and have a question: Can you guys see anything in my title bar up top? Its supposed to have a picture of another Modigliani that S. and I shot at the Met during our New York/Denmark/Finland tour of 2004. See? Isn't she gorgeous? So I guess there was a point to this post: Art 101: The artistic nude, as done by a man who obviously would not be into 99% of the women we see in all the media today. Chiada and I agree; we were born to late to be appreciated for our natural curves.

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the sightspeed guy said...

Sorry. No pic. But judging from the ladies from this Is that a safe answer?

Meepers said...

That would be a safe answer. In fact, the Right answer all round.