Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Champions

(coughs, taps microphone) "Is this thing on?"

I have a small announcement to make.

Seriously, it's really small.

Like... smaller than ... a shoe.

Or a loaf of bread.

We may be adding to the family

She's five months old, with a creamy complexion and golden-amber eyes that have a ring of bright blue in the middle. I'm pleased to report she has a very quiet speaking voice and excellent manners in the car.

Currently, she's camped out under my fridge.

Good thing she's a cat, huh? My friend Jen (who can barely enter my house without going into Stage II allergy attack: Wheeze, sneeze, sniffle, curse feline-kind in general for causing her sufferings) has a neighbor. Neighbor-lady has two cats and a dog, but her daughter rescued five tiny kittens from a dumpster. They'd only just opened their eyes - which means they could only have been a week to ten days old - still very much in need of a mother. I won't stand on my soapbox of how evil people like that are; instead I'll focus on the goodness of the people who took those little beings in. They handraised them and in time they managed to place two in private homes and another two who were very bonded to each other went to a no-kill shelter. Like most shelter kittens, they were adopted within two days. The last one, a white female with a dark charcoal tail and two charcoal patches on her head and face, had a bit of trouble. Her jaws didn't "meet" correctly, so she ate messily, food falling out of her mouth. For a while, she seemed like she wasn't getting enough food at all, but eventually she got back on track. Her jaws straightened out, and she grew, earning the name "Jaw Baby" along the way.

A little while back, neighbor-lady married a guy she met in Mexico (which is a whole 'nother story, lemme tell ya!) and she'll be moving down south shortly. She can only have two pets, and has been searching for a home for little J.B. Jen called me the other day with this story, and I convinced S. to run down and "just meet" her today. After a lively game of "hide INSIDE a leather chair" and an admirably quiet car ride, she's here.

By "here".... as I said earlier, she's under my fridge now. We've taken her home 'on trial', meaning: To see if Fynn declares World War III on her like he did when I "baby-sat" a kitten who could sit in the palm of my hand. In her favor already are the facts that she hasn't set him off in a puff-tailed, anger-shedding, white-hot ball of rage once, and her good looks and manners. Fynn is napping contentedly in his bed, pretending to ignore her. Honestly, getting her physically here was two-thirds the battle, and if all else fails I can play my trump card (suspense-filled drumroll please):

She would have been taken to the shelter.

Today. Dun-dun-duunnnnn! (scary music)

Cue the heroic movie score; we arrre the champions!

Now what to call her? Jaw Baby just doesn't have the ring of....pretty much anything else. I was kind of thinking of sticking with the "J.B." thing, but so far all I can think of along those lines comes to "Jin Blossom" and "Jill Beam" - apparently there needs to be an alcohol tie-in?

Name suggestions welcome!


belegost said...

ok meeps....we need a pic of this feline addition...then let your fans bring forth thier offering of names../nod
Congrats on the new family member. Hopefully fynn will learn to love her/him like a brother/sister. blog is up and running..woot

Chiada said...

Sounds like a cutie-pye. How about Janey-Baby? Jiggle-Butt? Joy-Button? (LOL! Ack! Maybe I should remain silent on this...) Jelly-Belly, Jelly-Bean, Jinnie-Bob, Jane-Bo, Jenny-Bee.

This is like a mathematical equation. How many name combinations of J-B can there possibly be?