Tuesday, March 21, 2006

When Animals Attack

We've discovered a new species, S and I.... so without further ado I present to you...the rare and previously unknown ... Pocket Panther. Native to most continents, although rarely seen during daylight hours, they prowl through the jungles of many suburbs, searching for their elusive prey.

Favorite prey items include wicker baskets, shoelaces, human toes, and tampax. When a particularly delectable morsel is found, they attack with ferocity.

These shots detail the carnage that ensues during a hunt.

He uses his rough tounge to peel off the outer layers of paper and get to the delectable, cottony innards.
Contented and well-fed, the Pocket Panther relaxes with his disemboweled prey.


Lynn said...


That was gory. I'm glad I've never come across one of those pocket panthers.

Meepers said...

Luckily, I reached the 'scene of the crime' before it disentegrated into tiny, pea-sized bits of cotton and string. At times parts of my floor have appeared ...snowy.