Sunday, March 19, 2006

Late-Breaking Movie Reviews

I think I'll start a new "weekly column" - a movie/book review snippet, just for fun. Notes, suggestions, critiques are all welcome and encouraged.

Now here's a real hum-dinger of a movie for you, ladies and jellyspoons! I love Julianne Moore (especially in An Ideal Husband, The Shipping News and the Laws of Attraction). Her portrayal of Evelyn Ryans' selfless "grin and bear everything" stereotypical 50's housewife was brutally cheerful, even at her breaking point.

  • The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

  • The Real Evelyn Ryan

  • Highlights of the film:
    • Woody Harrelson - I'm not a big fan of his, normally, but his performance as the alcoholic, n'er-do-well, Irish father of ten in the 50's was truly memorable, if not enjoyable.
    • Ellary Porterfield as Terry "Tuff" Ryan - I looked her up on IMDb and this was her
    • A cameo by the real "Tuff" Ryan, who wrote the book on which the screenplay was written .
    • I notice that Julianne Moore does particularly well in the 40's/50's/early 60's period peices... any insights here?
    Good Night and Good Luck coming next week


    MyUtopia said...

    Thanks for the review. I haven't heard of it. I saw Goodnight and Goodluck this weekend and it was fabulous!

    Meepers said...

    Check it out - oddly enough my husband rented Good Night & Good Luck, so we had a little film-fest last night.