Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Would-be Gardening Round-Up

Hi! I'm Meepers, and I have NO IDEA what most of these plants even ARE, much less what to do with them. Like this one? No idea, my neighbor gave it to me. Looks a bit yellow to me, and is currently living under a shady oak tree. Anyone?

This is the succulent/agave (real name? dunno) that I rescued/rustled from certain death, down the street. Pretty, no? I planted it in full sun, with lots of sandy/loamy dirt, regular (more clay-ey) stuff and some tree-bark mulch on top. I'm hoping to find another one of similar size to go on the other side of my walkway - and its not out of the question with the thousands of them around Santa Barbara.

Another neighbor (they were moving) score. What is it? No clue. Its over in the shady corner, near the jasmine and the other weirdo plant.

I think this is a baby Saguro palm, it looks much better than it used to in the pot it lived in. I may move it when I get to really gardening, but its fine for now.

Yeah! The first Paperwhite of the season! I LOVE these - they smell so amazing. Since its on the corner, someone will probably pick it, but... at least its growing, right?

This plant is about four and a half feet tall, and I couldn't kill it if I wanted to. It makes these weird little orange flowers... Anyone know the name?
The flowers look like this:

More Paperwhites on the way! Yeah! Spring is here!

Some of the many (over 100) iris and other bulbs that I planted at the base of our palm trees. Hopefully some of them will come up, it should be a total surprise, since I can't recall what the heck I actually put in there!

This is a hanging ?? something or other from my friend/neighbor/gardener/chef/hairdresser (read: enviably, effortlessly talented) Sara. I swear all she's got to do is touch something, and it blooms, grows, tastes marvelous, or looks great. She does my hair on occasion, and was responsible for my current 'do. Yeah!

The jasmine plant I was SURE was dead - hmm!

These little chaps (funny how some plants appear to have a gender, huh??) I nicked off a "mother" plant in a no-man's land off a park near our house.

I call this one a "baby Dr. Suess" plant. Thanks again, Sara!

As an experiment, I potted one of the orange flowered things - we'll see what happens.

One of a few tiny volunteer calla lilies that sprung up last year. They haven't gotten any bigger/taller, but there are more of them around. I'd love to have a big, thick hedge of them, but would be happy with anything I get. Again, cost me exactly $0.00, so no complaints here.


Chiada said...

Okay, here's what I THINK the top three plants are:

1. Philodenron. Look up the Monstera Deliciosa or just Monstera variety to make sure, but I think that's it.

2. Agave attenuata. San Marcos Growers has pictures of these at

3. Not positive, but I think it's a type of Dracaena, maybe a Janet Craig variety.

Still trying to figure out that Orange flowered plant. Don't kill it (not that you want to)! I'll come dig it up. ;)

Chiada said...

AHA!! I was right!! (I think, hee!) My first thought when I you showed me your orange flowered plant was that it might be a Crocosmia, but I thought that they were smaller, so I dismissed it. However, after Googling Crocosmia, I'm pretty sure that's what you have. And the awesome part, is that those are on my list of plants to get for my yard :D NOT that I'm going to deprive you of yours! I'll get my own. Yay!

Meepers said...

You can totally transplant some of them - seriously, if I can't kill them - there's no way an hour car ride or so will. Next time you come down (or we come up) we'll get you some.

Anonymous said...

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