Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy Day!

See? Told ya!

I recieved these lovelies from an old co-worker of mine. No reason, as the card says, just because. To me, this is the best kind of gift - plus these are some of my favorite kinds: Dahlias, Cymbidium orchids, roses and anenomes. Low and full, modern without being minimalist. These are seriously the best non-husband present I've ever gotten in. my. life.

In a stunning two-fer, I also got a loverly package of vitamins, supplements and other Healthy Stuff from my sister, the lovely

  • Chilly Kitty
  • . Good thing she also sent along detailed instructions on how to use them -- I took a bit of the De-Stress Formula" and now have (drumroll)... a sore throat. Coincidence? I think not. Ha! Just kidding, Roni! Again, three times for emphasis. Gorgeous!

  • Ok, I'm STILL not over this. Bear with me - florists and ex-florists never, ever, EV-VER get flowers. This is SO awesome!

    This I just captured a couple of days ago during a break in the rain. I've been trying to carry my camera with me most places so I can take pictures every day. Not photography, just snaps. S' band name was Sakura, which means "Cherry Blossom" in Japanese.

    My current project, the tabletop. As you can see, she's not done and the background and final coloration are rough, but I'm not dis-satisfied. Remember, I was talking about it before? Back here.. The question is: What nice thing would a rather elderly, almost-immobile (frail) shy, man like? Please, no bottles of wine, he's a Manhattan drinker. Suggestions?

    Check back tomorrow for a family recipe I've just resurrected. Mmmmm!

    Anonymous said...

    What an absolutely gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

    Hey, you know, your comments to me are like that: these beautiful bouquets that just really cheer me up. Thank you for being such an awesome internet buddy.

    Karen/Naked ovary

    the sightspeed guy said...

    You just HAD to put that nekkid painting in there again, dint you?

    Meepers said...

    Karen - I'm just one of the "flowers" in the bouquet that make up the bulk of your commenters - sure there's the occasional 'weed', but we try and make your wait a bit more bearable.

    To P: This is a different version - she's MY nekkid lady.