Friday, April 14, 2006

Rainbows = Rain Somewhere

You guys? That title was just to get you to look down here. You see, I've started a whole bunch of different entries here and deleted them all for their incredible lack of interest. Some failed topics/titles include:

  • Things We've Laughed at Recently that Were in No Way Amusing
  • That's it, We're Moving!....Someday
  • How Many g.d. Precious Kids Can There Be? Or: Why Aren't Our Friends' Children Ugly? (A Case Study Proving Conclusively that there is a Breeder Conspiracy trying to Force us to Join Them Now!)
  • Resisting the Breeder Conspiracy .... Without Losing Your Temper, Or Your Drink. (Five easy steps; advanced courses available)
  • My Cat is Still Horny...What to Do?
  • Other People's Dirty Hands: Why and How Gardeners Rock!
  • Tulips are Better than Four (hours of cooking)
  • They Call Me Mrs. Fields!
  • In Case You Needed to Throw Up a Little, in Your Mouth...
  • Other (___________________) Readers' Choice
See what I mean? I'm going to need a topic of the day here pretty soon... help... please pick one of the above or give me a suggestion. I'm fresh out of ideas, covered in cats and in need of my facial peel, stat! Also today I realized I'd best get some serious eye cream and a new hair color that causes my roots (dark brown) to go with my ends (funny red with blonde bits). Which reminds, me, please vote (comment) for my new hair color:

  1. Dark Red - again! (Even though we Know it Won't Last, despite your use of pricey tinted shampoo and conditioner)
  2. Black/Deep Walnut - Cause everyone likes a little Goth
  3. Lots of chunky highlights
  4. Lots of chunky lowlights
  5. Who cares what color it is? Grow up!!
  6. Dark Blonde (Jessica Alba-ish color)
  7. ???? (your suggestion here)


Deadly Female said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog. Yes, I'm a big fan of James, a big fan of The Stone Roses. And yes, I love Echo and the Bunnymen. Add also The Waterboys, The Smiths, and a whole eclectic mix into that too. Thanks once again for your comment.

DF xx

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