Saturday, April 22, 2006

When Chinese Food Attacks

The result of the deeee-licious Chinese food we ate this evening: The List Monster struck. Also the Recipe Monster. So, to soothe the savage Monsters (not beasts), I give you Todays' Ten Things:

Ten: Number of bright pink, (extra orange flowers on big toes) Scrumptious coconut-mint scented and exfoliated toes that Chiada is now sporting. I didn't mention it, but I really should moonlight as a pedicure/massage therapist. For some reason, I don't do hands and nails nearly as well as feet/toes.
Nine: Number of complete (as in: all the way through) songs that have been played so far this evening.
Eight: How many Ginger Kisses* + glasses of wine + Red Tail ales have been consumed. So far.
Seven: Amount of dirty jokes that have been made. See: The Worst Joke Ever. Oh wait a minute. Plus one!
Six: Number of Jimmy Buffet songs we listened to on my Ghetto Blaster before any alcohol was consumed. This in honor of the fact that they are headed down to the Jimmy Buffet/Parrothead parking lot party in Irvine tomorrow. These are pictures from last years' lei-making/pre-party efforts.

Five: How many bar chords S. will teach Chiada this evening.
Four: The amount of extra seconds it would have taken to grab the orchids for the lei's at the first Trader Joe's we visited. Incidentally, also the number of people who screamed in the parking lot, in response to strangers who looked like the guy(s) from Rat Race
Three: Number of stops we made before we got to the correct Chinese food place and had the. best. Chinese. food. I've. ever. had. Since Chiada, S, her husband and I hadn't been to Ming Dynasty, and the food was excellent. Menu as follows:

Ming Dynasty Menu
Ginger Kisses (enjoyed at home) *
Won-ton Soup, chile sauce/Egg-Drop Soup
Egg Rolls, spicy mustard, sweet n' sour sauce
Paper-wrapped Chicken (feathers)
Fried Rice/Steamed Rice
Mongolian Lamb, onions (fur)
Almond Chicken with watercress, ginger, garlic (feathers again)
Stewed Beef, bamboo shoots, garlic and hot mustard (four feet)
Shrimp in Lobster Sauce (fish)
Fortune Cookies - Fortunes included: "Your passions often take over", "Your work enables you to use your creativity", and the Antacid/Digestive Aid of your choice.

Two: Number of feet I jumped backwards when I saw the GINORMOUS Black Widow (maybe) hovering right where I had my hand in the darkness of the garage. Bleeauuaahhhhh!
One: Number of Jimmy Buffet/teen/spoof movies we tried and failed to rent.
Seven Million: Amount of flakes falling off my chin per second.

*Ginger Kisses by Meepers
-Bacardi Black
-Ginger ale
-Fresh strawberries
Rim glasses with strawberries, sugar, fill with ice.
2 parts rum
1 chopped strawberry
1 part Ginger ale
Mix roughly and serve.

Worst Joke Ever? Dude, I have a secret fear that my Mom might some day, learn how to use the computer, look me up, read this, and be completely offended. Email me if you really want to hear it.

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