Monday, May 22, 2006

(Almost Pointless) Bullet Points

  • I detest the "dress short", vests, and (gaaack! hate! petoooey!) stupid gaucho pants in stretch fabrics that so many people are wearing now, and absolutely refuse to wear or even try them on. My legs do not belong in those things without a tan or six months of working out and minimal food intake.
  • Huh- So Jack Black and his wife are having a kid... I find that very interesting - not so much discussing the merits of J.B.'s positive fertility, but imagine Jack Black as your dad - imagine the names you could call him... Nacho Papa! Tenacious Dad-D!
  • I really want to try that new Jose Cuervo drink, yet am to embarassed by how influenced I am by those darn commercials.
  • For a change, I ate health food today: Healthy(ish) cereal and almond milk, sugar-free chai/organic hot chocolate (mix them together, you get chocolate chai!) Lunch today was almost healthy: A pile of edamame, a bunch of fresh strawberries, Thai tea (no fat!) a tortilla (you can take the girl away from the Mexican food, but...) and a couple of squares of very dark (85%) bitter chocolate.
  • To celebrate the above fact, I'm totally contemplating eating either Mac n' Cheese (not "Macaroni and Cheese", but the most fake, radioactive orange, over-processed, non-cheese/pasta product around: "mac'n'cheese".) My deep, unabiding love for it is a holdover from childhood with Health Food Mama. Whenever she and my dad went out when we were little, we usually had Mac'n'cheese, pizza (Dominos!) or some other normally verboten goodie for dinner. S hates that I still eat this crap from time to time.
  • Jeans are so wonderful... I wear them most days. Strangely, I'm rarely compelled to purchase them for myself, because people seem to buy them for me right when I need them - my old boyfriend used to buy me all kinds of clothes, which sounds nice but came with lots of excess baggage. I love, love, loove the fact that my husband buys them for me.
  • My dad worked on the property that is now Oprah Winfreys' house for a two and a half years. He only worked on the guest house. The previous owners are a lovely couple who are former clients of mine. I only mention this because her "Legends Ball" (held at the Bacara Resort where I do weddings every year...small world here, no?) just came on TV.
  • Getting overly hot at night gives me nightmares. I used to sleepwalk as a child - I'd walk into my parents' room with my eyes open, talk to them, and be totally, completely, one hundred percent asleep. If I had a child who did that, it would seriously freak me out.
  • Lovely surprises of this week: Number One: Christie told me that S. was checking me out/making nice comments on Saturday at the wedding (I was wearing the $10.oo dress) - We love each other and all, but I can quite honestly been under the impression that he doesn't really notice me these last few...years. When I told him how shocking a revelation that was to me and he was surprised - so apparently our old shared joke-line, "Well, I married ya, didn't I?" applies. Number Two: According to the toe-curling, thank!you!very!much! kiss we shared at the beach on Friday, wedded bliss still reigns, six years later. Now I know what you're saying, "Six years isn't a very long time, just wait!" -but remember, we've been sharing a bathroom the size of a postage stamp. There are no secrets in our house - know what I mean?
  • Fynn decided to sleep on a peice of paper next to me today, after taking a preliminary bite of it first... to see if it was good? Not sure.
  • The words "egg" and "belly" and "gravid" slightly repulse me.
  • Paul Walker is still stalking my husband - at least he let S. play his guitar while they were at the shop the other day.


lisa davenport said...

At least S has someone cool stalking him. I get our own over-zealous Korean Avon representative. She lives in the condo down the hall and is ever on the prowl for an opportunity to make a sale. Example: "Hi, are you and the baby going outside for a walk?" (I reply, Yes...) She's now talking sunscreen and the benefits of fragrance free items for toddlers....on and on and on....not that I'm against sunscreen mind you, I just don't like Avon as much as anything else I find at Sephora or Mustela for Baby MC.

Meepers said...

Ya... there IS that - I mean its not so bad to have a tall, blonde/blue-eyed/tan riiippped young gent stalk your husband. Right? At least he's not trying to get S to a) teach him guitar for free b) be a Scientologist or something weird.

HEY! WAIT! YOU READ HERE TOO?!? OMG tell me you didn't read the bit about the kissing. Icky! LOL. No, not really. Just don't tell S. next time you talk to him - he'll be all swollen-headed with pride. As he commented to me the other day, "well of COURSE it was a good kiss..." (rolls eyes)

Loving the new pics of MC, by the way.

Lynn said...

I HATE gaucho pants! And I detest the word "tummy."

Just listen to it: tummy.


Meepers said...

Yuck... tummy. I think anything related to that area is just a bit squicky- you know... "navel"...what's that, an orange? or "abdomen"...sounds like a 'procedure' waiting to happen, etc. "Midriff" - as in 'no bare midriffs" sounds like "Mid-drift" and reminds me that all bits are slowly heading south.

Please let me know if you find a suitable, non-icky word for that, erm, section of the body. "Abs" would require visible muscles and "stomach" makes me think of the actual organ, digesting...ugh. Have you found IT yet?

the sightspeed guy said...

Nothing like going to a wedding to make a man reflect on his own weddedness.