Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ray of Sunshine

Well, after that loooong silence, you'd think I'd have some scintillating tale - not so much, as it turns out. Today, it rained all day and we ended this evening with a full downpour. All week I've been ok with the weather - gray, clammy and cool - it works out really well for doing flowers. Wait, whaaat? Flowers, you say? Don't you plan weddings? Isn't that a completely different job?

Answer: Yep. Definitely a different job.
As in, one that should be undertaken by an entirely seperate team of people. Much like trying to build someone a cake and also completely re-cover your couch in a lovely striped canvas while juggling a litter of rabid Chihuahuas, these are not projects that should be taken on at the same time. That is...unless you are a complete masochist, or enjoy working sixteen to eighteen hour days while wearing heels, full makeup and a big smile. I do actually enjoy that, and also have the added bonus of living across the street from a small pack of Chihuahuas who have a rather questionable rabies status, so lots of practice with the juggling bit.

Did I mention my Saturday wedding ceremony was on the beach? Visualize with me, now... Bride + Groom + beach (dolphins included) + train tracks + 100+ guests/chairs = Wedding! The weather, which was freezing and sprinkling for our Friday rehearsal and seventy person rehearsal dinner, turned beautiful on Saturday about two hours before the ceremony. The night went so well I had to boot everyone out (very sad, as they were quite the fun-loving and attractive bunch) of the reception. In order to understand the great amount of joy the good weather brought me, you might try something like ... winning an Oscar or discovering you will now be able to eat whatever you like, forever.
Fynn and Edie have been troopers - he's now camped out on my lap (we call it "honkering" because we are dorks, yes). I'm sure he'd be perfectly content if I stayed here and fed him tiny nuggets of foie gras. Edie is in one of her 'caves' under the TV, a soft, white bed. When she closes her eyes she looks like two floating blobs of gray fur. In a few minutes, we'll all be a big ball of love in bed, so I leave you with that for now. More (hopefully) tomorrow - wait till I tell you about the hilarious halter-top tan I have from the Ten-Dollar Dress.


Chiada said...

I was thinking about you this weekend as we were camping at the beach; sucky weather Friday & Sunday, but beautiful on Saturday. Can't wait to see pics of the loveliness. :D

Meepers said...

Ha! the pictures I've seen (even pro photographers use digital now) are absolutely beeeyouuutiful - of course that wasn't much of a surprise - if you could see these people you'd know what I mean.

Her family: Beautiful girls. His family: All big, strong, strapping (v. v. handsome) lads. Her step-family: adorable. Their friends: Cute to gorgeous. Even the parents were all attractive. Oh yeah, and The Cutest Baby Boy Ever. Sorry, yes, EV-VER, is the bride and grooms' son. Add a beautiful beach day and Flowers de Meepers and presto! Picture perfect!