Sunday, May 07, 2006

Put that cheese away!

Random Collection of Thoughts and Facts, Presented in Bullet Points for Your Enjoyment and my Ease:

  • I napped today ... for about three hours. I hadn't realized that I was tired at all.
  • I used to be quite frightened by things like the photo montage stylings of Monty Pythons' Flying Circus and those strange cartoonings of people with extremely large, red faces and small feet.
  • Clowns still bother me. Deeply. I will leave the premises if clowns are involved. Especially the sort of Renaissance/Italian/large-beaked sort.
  • As does the fact that Michael Bolton is now "covering" Frank Sinatra songs.
  • I now find most of Monty Python hilarious.
  • My parents confuse the #$@) out of me. I'd swear I was adopted but for the fact that I accidentally used the phrase, "You will live to rue the day..." about a year ago. After that, I promptly clapped my hand over my mouth and murmured, "ohmygaaahd! My MOTHER justcame out of MY MOUTH!"
  • I had a dream about our old cat, Moss, while sleeping this afternoon, and awoke with two (2) tears on my cheeks. He was my wedding present. Once he got out, he really never came back in the house except one time when he was quite injured. This was about eight months ago. He was hit and killed intantly about six months ago.
  • I'd like an rotary dial phone like the one we had when I was little, preferably in black or yellow.
  • Tried and failed immediately to play the flute, circa 1987.
  • Currently renewing my knowledge of Chekov, Nin and other short story masters.
  • Rabidly excited to be headed for The City (San Francisco) Friday; planning to spend most of the week cleaning, cooking and baking for my poor (armless?) husband and cats in preparation for my absence. Will likely spend all weekend chatting, painting each others' toenails and enjoying the most tourist-y sights, sounds and scents of the city.
  • Find Patrick Demsey more attractive with the long(er) hair, thank you!
  • Find S.' sturdy little arms and legs Popeye-esque (and tasty) in the extreme, especially when they are farmer-tanned and wrapped around me when they are cold and I am toasty warm in bed.
  • Am mildly pissed that my new pedicure a) got messed up within the first three hours of getting it b) went unnoticed by... anyone

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chiefbiscuit said...

This is a fantastic list - I like lists! My favourite was the point you made about the Monty Python cartoons - I think if I was younger when I saw them, I would have freaked out too - instead they just made me feel a little funny in my tummy.
RYN: You should come down to kiwi-land - visit your friends - and then me!! :)
(I liked the bit about the Popeyesque little arms and legs too - ohhh ... I remember those days!