Sunday, May 07, 2006


At the Daily Grind:

(Scruffy, slightly unkempt man) "Hi!"
"Hi! How are you?", (pretty girl, sitting with her friends)
"Weren't you on that Girls Gone Wild in Aruba?"
Stunned silence, followed by hysterical laughter and "NO!"

Outside my house:

"Red light!"
"Green light!"
"Red light!"
"Green light! Dad, do you think that...."
"RED LIGHT! You have to STOP!"

While taking my friends' daughters to the park with my father and husband:

"You're not supposed to pick other people's flowers!" (addressing my father)

"Shoot is a bad word!" (to my husband)




"WaaaauuaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa!" (all towards me)

Later on in the evening:

"Appa?" (gesturing at grapes)

"Appol?" (pointing towards banannas)

"AAAPPLE!!" (reaching for a large strawberry)


chiefbiscuit said...

I do that. Overhear conversations and remember what people have said to record later - great material for writing eh!! Thanks - what a laugh! Especially the Daily Grind conversation - I can just picture it! :)

Meepers said...

Hi! I'd love to come down to Kiwi-land - I actually have friends down there!

Chiada said...

Dude, I love the Daily Grind one - totally hilarious!