Tuesday, May 30, 2006


A quick survey for you - Please browse through this selection of (some, shamefully) of my shoes. Here's one view:

And another view - a fine array of pointy, high and high-er heels, for the most part, right?

And one from the top -

Now, guess, if you will: Which one of these shoes a) gave me huge, Job-worthy blisters all over my feet and made me hobble for the better part of a week?*
b) are now in a box, heading to my sister?
c) make me look like a slightly mad, elderly woman in house-shoes?
d) Did I wear today?
Utterly gross fact re: Job-like blisters: One of them may or may not have shot dramatically all over my husbands' face and torso (eeeeuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwwww!) and possibly, I can't-be-quite sure, open mouth? While he was driving...because I accidentally stabbed it with a knife. One of the finer moments in our history, lemme tell ya!

A hint: Not these gold ones with only two metal straps and a pencil-thin heel. Amazingly.


The Dumbest Thing someone has said to me in a long, long time:

(After backing rather sharp!ly into my car while I was in it.)

"Ohhh.. that' ok, I'm from New York.."


Chiada said...

Yup, I'm on right now. What do you want me to write you about?? :D P.S. It's 10:52. I'm about to log off. But email me. I'll get it there.

Ree said...

Damn, I'm drooling.

Chiada said...

I'm guessing that:
A) The red Born's gave you blisters
B) Your sister is getting the sparkly tan ones
C) Both pairs of white with the flowers make you look like an old mad lady
D) You wore the leopard print ones today.

How'd I do?

Meepers said...

LOL - for some reason blogger isn't showing comments - argh!

A- WE HAVE A WINNER!!! The most 'comfy' looking, 'sensible', nice leather shoes: nasty, nasty blisters.

B) Nope, try again

C) The orchid ones are actually tres jolie, but the thongs are old lady city.

D) Noper.

Meepers said...

Ree- are you also a shoe-addict, I'm supposing? Sweet! Sadly, this is not even half my kingdom.

Chiada said...

Being the copy cat that I am, maybe I'll do a shoe post too. Show the extreme differences in shoe styles, haha. Of course, I love all of yours. Just can't ware 'em. :D

Meepers said...

You could totally wear most of these! I swear, all of them except the gold metal ones and the (low-heeled, coincidentally) beige ones on the bottom left are totally comfy, despite looking a bit torture-ish. Yes, even the BCBGs.

Shoe posts rock! All the kewl kids are doing them (Dooce, Doppelganger from 50 Books, etc)

jes said...

a) blisters: the black with the buckle and very very very pointy toe
b) box/to sister: orange/pink
c) house-shoes: white with fluttery white stuff
d) Worn: the beige/gold sequin-y pair

Meepers said...


A) Blisters: The red Borns, the MOST SENSIBLE SHOES THERE. Like Chiada said.
B) Box to sister: pink n' orange - check, Jes
C) house-shoes, Jes again
D) Worn: See item C. The white fluttery items are actually three silk dahlias, my favorite flower.